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How do I order MAX for delivery?

How do I order MAX for delivery?

Just register at our site and start ordering Max’s Restaurant food items for your loved ones here in the Philippines. Order and PAY online in real-time using Max’s Restaurant Online Ordering!

What is the maximum amount of fried chicken?

Max’s Restaurant Menu

Menu Item Price
Maxs Fried Chicken ®
Max’s Half Fried Chicken ₱330.00
Max’s Whole Fried Chicken ₱575.00
Family Chicken Basket 8pcs ₱999.00

How much is Max’s caramel bar?

Max’s Restaurant launched their new Caramel Bar Cheesecake on May 14 at a starting price of P399 for their round cake, good for 3-4 people.

What is Max’s e party?

Introducing Max’s E-Party, a first-of-its-kind ordering platform in the Philippines that allows customers to complete their their online meetings and celebrations with food delivered to each of the participants’ locations. With Max’s E-Party, customers can make their virtual gatherings more fun and exciting.

How much is crispy pata in the Philippines?

Best served with atsara, toyomansi with chili dipping sauce, or Tomas Siga on the side, Ministop and Robina Farms’ crispy pata has an introductory price of P395, available until Sept. 17, 2021. Its regular price of P450 will apply starting Sept. 18, 2021.

What is the product portfolio of Max’s Restaurant?

MAXS’ portfolio consists of homegrown and international brands such as “Max’s Restaurant”; “Pancake House”, “Yellow Cab Pizza”; “Krispy Kreme”; “Sizzlin’ Steak”; “Teriyaki Boy”; “Dencio’s”; “Kabisera”; “Maple”; “Jamba Juice”; and “Eats”.

How do I cancel an order on Max Restaurant?

If you wish to cancel your order prior to delivery, you may call (63) 2 79000 or email [email protected] or chat with us using the online chat feature on the homepage.

Does Max’s accept GCash?

Max’s Group, Inc. (MGI), the largest casual dining company in the Philippines, has partnered with GCash, the pioneer in electronic payments using QR codes, to help jumpstart the country’s move into a cashless ecosystem. Right now, we are very happy with how GCash is being used.

How much is the crispy pata in ministop?

Ministop’s Crispy Pata is your typical crispy pata with an affordable price tag of P480 per 600 grams. It’s an affordable crispy pata, if you compare it with other places that offer it for a higher price.

How much is the crispy pata in Kuya J?

Kuya J Menu

Menu Item Price
Kuya J Crispy Pata (Regular) ₱590.00
Kuya J Crispy Pata (Family) ₱735.00
Bicol Express ₱295.00
Pork BBQ with Rice ₱175.00

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How to get Max’s delivery in the Philippines?

Max’s Delivery Service In The Philippines You just have to call #79-000 if you’re in Metro Manila, or check out the Max’s menu on their website – if you’re elsewhere in the country to find the delivery number in your area. You can also check out GrabFood to see if there’s Max’s available for delivery near you.

How much does Max’s Fried Chicken cost in the Philippines?

Here is the latest Max’s Restaurant menu with prices in the Philippines: Menu Item Price All-in-One Bundle 7 (1 Regular Whole Fri ₱2,361.00 Max’s Half Fried Chicken ₱330.00 Max’s Whole Fried Chicken ₱575.00

What do they serve at Max’s in the Philippines?

They serve a range of delicious chicken, combo meals, rice bowls, pancit, and even have a corner bakery. Here is the latest Max’s Restaurant menu with prices in the Philippines:

What is the minimum order for Max’s restaurant?

* Delivery service for Max’s Restaurant™ is available in Metro Manila and selected provincial locations only. A minimum order of Php 300 pesos (Philippine Peso) is required to proceed with any transaction.