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How do I pair my Dragon Bluetooth headset?

How do I pair my Dragon Bluetooth headset?

Switch on your headset and hold down the Mic button for approximately 3 seconds to enter into pairing mode. The red and blue LED lights on the headset will flash. 2. Plug the adapter into a USB port on your PC.

Will any headset work with Dragon?

Plantronics Wireless Dragon Certified Headsets: So you can switch to any of them any time. It’s very very light weight. This is the double ear version that has excellent stereo sound for music and Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to music or any streaming content when you’re not using it with Dragon.

Can I use a Bluetooth headset with Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version 9 introduced a host of new features, one of which is support for Bluetooth headsets and microphones. Bluetooth microphones provide an added benefit for business users who move frequently and cannot stay near a computer.

What is dragon12?

Enhanced Experience with Gmail and Hotmail: Dragon 12 enhances the experience of using your voice with two of the most popular web-based email applications — Gmail and Hotmail — offering Full Text Control and commands for the most frequent actions in Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 12 or higher, and Google Chrome …

Can I use any microphone with Dragon?

For all Dragon v13 editions and later, built-in microphones from most of the latest laptops are supported with high out-of-the-box accuracy, with only a quick microphone check required.

How do I connect my dragon to microphone?


  1. Open Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  2. Go to “NaturallySpeaking > Advanced > Manage Users.”
  3. Click on “New”.
  4. Enter a name for the user (e.g., John USB).
  5. From the Dictation Source drop-down menu, select “USB Microphone”.
  6. Click on “Next”.
  7. Follow the instructions in the Audio Setup Wizard to train the user profile.

Do AirPods work with Dragon Dictate?

Interestingly, the AirPods improve dictation accuracy. I ran test with both Dragon Anywhere and Siri dictation and found it more accurate when using the AirPod microphone then using the built-in microphone.

How do you use the Nuance Dragon mic?

To complete Microphone Setup

  1. Click the microphone button ( ) to turn the microphone on.
  2. Read aloud the text that appears in the window. Repeat the text if needed.
  3. Click Play to hear the last few seconds of your speech.
  4. Click Done to exit the Microphone Setup window.

Does Jabra engage 65 have Bluetooth?

Like the Engage 65, you have the exemplary 490ft range and 13 hours of talk time. This headset comes with head band, neck band, and you can connect it to 5 devices at one time. You read that correctly, connect this headset with 1 desk phone, 2 USB devices, and 2 Bluetooth devices.

What is the best microphone to use with Dragon?

Microphones for a Mobile Computer

Microphone Hands-free USB Wired
Sennheiser SC 630/660
Sennheiser MB Pro 1/2
Philips SpeechMike 35**/37**
Philips SpeechMike Air 40** with AirBridge

Can you use Dragon without the headset?

You’re now free to dictate documents and speak commands directly into your laptop without using a headset. applications: Dragon 13 provides Rich Internet Application support in all major browsers and web applications.

Why is Dragon Dictation not working?

Run Dragon’s sound system check: say “Check Audio” (or “Switch to DragonBar”, then “Settings”, then “Microphone”, then “Check Microphone”). If your audio signal level is low, more memory is used to recognize your speech and Dragon will run more slowly. Make sure the window in which you want to dictate is active.

Which is the best headset for Dragon Naturally Speaking?

It totally depends on your environment though. Sennheiser MB Pro 2 UC is the best headset for Dragon Naturally speaking. The microphone works excellent. The voice is crystal-clear which is great for speech recognition.

How do I add a Bluetooth headset to my Dragon Pro?

Click ‘Show Hidden Icons’ located at the bottom right corner of your Windows tray. 4. Right click the Bluetooth® icon, then left click ‘Add a Device’. 5. At the top click ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’ and select ‘Bluetooth’. 6.

Is the microphone still on on the Dragon headset?

Even when the Dragon microphone icon is red, indicating that the microphone is off, your headset microphone may still be on and activated. To preserve the headset’s bat-tery, you may want to power off your headset after you are done using Dragon.

When does the red light on the Dragon headset turn off?

When the red light indicator is on, your headset is charging. The red light will turn off when the headset is fully charged.