How do I read my NSK bearing code?

How do I read my NSK bearing code?

The designation for the NSK bearing bore indicates the bearing’s bore size. A two-digit number is used for bore sizes from 20mm to 480mm. This number is multiplied by five to give the bore size. For example, the code 6318 stands for a deep groove ball bearing with a bore size of 90 mm.

Are NSK bearings made in China?

NSK commenced manufacturing of bearings in China in 1995 with the establishment of Kunshan NSK Co., Ltd., located in greater Shanghai. NSK currently manufactures and sells industrial machinery bearings, automotive bearings, automotive components, as well as precision machinery and parts in China.

How can you tell if NSK bearings are fake?

To begin, check the markings. An absence of markings is an obvious sign that the bearings are fake. If markings are present, are they similar to standard manufacturer markings, or are they located on different areas of the bearing to normal? Both can point to illegal manufacture.

What is bearing fault frequencies?

These are the four frequencies that were mentioned earlier (BPFO, BPFI, BSF and FTF). Since bearing defects generate vibration in the form of impacts, the fundamental bearing defect frequencies will often be accompanied by multiple harmonically related frequencies as well.

What does V mean in a bearing?

“V-shaped” marking A “V-shaped” marking on the outside surface of the outer rings of matched bearing sets indicates how the bearings should be mounted to obtain the proper preload in the set. The marking also indicates how the bearing set should be mounted in relation to the axial load.

How do I identify my Timken bearings?

TIMKEN ball bearings The size and type of an open type (unshielded or unsealed) TIMKEN radial ball bearing is identified by the bearing number located on either the inner or outer ring face or bearing O.D. (e.g., 205K).

What kind of bearings do NSK compressors use?

With an extensive lineup that accommodates any kind of fluid machinery, NSK continues to deliver pump and compressor berings that feature outstanding reliability, energy saving performance, and excellent resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

How big is a Nakanishi bm-320 motor cord?

0.79″” (20mm) Outside Diameter. Straight Type with Quick Disconnect. Motor Cord is sold separately.

What kind of bearings are used for pumps?

High load capacity deep groove ball bearings (open type) nOpen-type high load capacity deep groove ball bearings have advanced internal bearing geometry. nImproved bearing life up to 70% longer than conventional bearings reduces maintenance frequency and improves reliability.

Which is the best bearings for a compressor?

Featuring long life with outstanding efficiency and reliability, NSK bearings for pumps and compressors are ideal for all applications. Impeller clearance controlled by pump bearings.