How do I register for a fictitious name in Missouri?

How do I register for a fictitious name in Missouri?

How and where do I register? Online registration of a fictitious name with the Office of Secretary of State can be accomplished at To register your fictitious name by mail, obtain the registration form at

How much is a DBA in Mo?

Initial Application for Registration

Agency: Missouri Secretary of State – Corporations Division
Agency Fee: $7
Is registration mandatory?: Filing a fictitious name registration is required for any person or entity intending to conduct business under an assumed name.
Law: MO RS § 417.200

Can you run a business with just a fictitious name?

Registering for a DBA allows you to transact business under the fictitious name instead of your personal name. Your bank requires a DBA to open a business bank account. Banks often require sole proprietorships and the partners in general partnerships to have a DBA before they can open a business bank account.

How do I renew my fictitious name in Missouri?

Individuals and businesses are encouraged to register online or download the registration form and mail it to the Corporations Division of the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office. To renew online, visit the link above and click on “renew” in the left column. There is a $7.00 filing fee for registrations.

How do I get a fictitious name?

In many states, all you have to do is go to the county offices and pay a registration fee to the county clerk; they’ll then provide you with a fictitious name certificate. In other states, you also have to place a fictitious name ad in a local newspaper for a certain amount of time.

Can I file a fictitious business name online?

You may request copies of filed Fictitious Business Name Statements in person, by mail, and online. The fee for a copy of each filing is $2.00 for the first page and $0.05 for each additional page, with certification of copies available for $1.00.

Do I need to file a fictitious business name?

Most states require a business that uses a fictitious business name to register that name, usually with the county clerk in the county where its primary business site is located. Without proof of registration, many banks will not open an account under your business name.

What does fictitious name mean?

Legal Definition of fictitious name : a name (as John Doe) used in a complaint when the party’s name is unknown at the time of filing or when the party’s identity is being kept private.

Is an LLC a fictitious name?

An LLC can operate under its formal name or a fictitious name or use both. Be sure you follow the requirements for registering and maintaining a DBA in your state and locality, and always sign contracts on behalf of the LLC, not its DBA.

Can I change my fictitious name?

Sole proprietorships and general partnerships They can file for a fictitious business name, also called “Doing Business As” (DBA). If your business is a sole proprietorship or partnership and you want to change your DBA, you can do so by: Canceling the existing DBA and filing for a new one.

What is a fictitious business name example?

Fictitious business names are sometimes called assumed names, or “DBAs,” for “doing business as”—as in, “Spikey Andrews, doing business as Coffee Corner,” or “Alibi Corporation, doing business as Ferryville Bait and Tackle.”

Should I file fictitious business name?

Depending on your state law, most businesses that operate under a fictitious name are required to complete a fictitious business name statement, publish the statement on file in a newspaper of general circulation, and then record this information with the county recorder where the business address is located.

Can you file a fictitious name in Missouri?

Filing a fictitious name registration does not afford or secure any exclusive rights to the name. Section 417.200 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri requires anyone doing business under a name other than their true name to file a fictitious name registration with the Secretary of State’s office. [ back to top ]

How to register a fictitious business in Missouri?

Complete the form, with the name of the business, business address, the name (s) of the owner (s) of the business and the percentage of ownership.

Can a business have the same name in Missouri?

Technically, multiple businesses in Missouri can have the same fictitious name. That said, registering your name does put it on public record, so other entrepreneurs might see that you’re using a particular fictitious name.

What is a fictitious name and why do I have to register?

What is a fictitious name and why do I have to register? A fictitious name is a name under which any person or business shall do or transact any business in this state which is other than the true name of such person or business. A fictitious name is commonly referred to as a “DBA”, an acronym for “doing business as.”