How do I remove a DLL from the GAC?

How do I remove a DLL from the GAC?

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  1. Navigate to the GAC, which is located at %systemdrive%\Windows\Assembly.
  2. Right-click each assembly file that is included in your application, click Uninstall, and then click Yes to confirm.

Can I delete GAC?

There are two ways to remove an assembly from the global assembly cache (GAC): By using the Global Assembly Cache tool (Gacutil.exe). You can use this option to uninstall assemblies that you’ve placed in the GAC during development and testing. By using Windows Installer.

Where is GAC DLL?

  1. Jul, 2019 4. GAC stands for Global Assembly Cache.
  2. May, 2017 11. It is located in %windir%\assembly (for example, C:\WINDOWS\assembly) and it is a shared repository of libraries.
  3. Nov, 2016 19. GAC stands for Global Assembly Cache.


View the assemblies in the GAC NET Framework, the Shfusion. dll Windows shell extension enabled you to view the global assembly cache in File Explorer. dll is obsolete.

How do I delete DLL files?

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  1. In Safe Mode, open the File Explorer and go to View > Options > View.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Right-click the address bar and select Copy as text.
  4. Type “cd ” followed by the copied path and press Enter.
  5. Use regsvr32 /u filename. dll to unregister the file.
  6. Use del /f filename. dll to delete the file.

How do I clear my GAC cache?

To clean up the Global Assembly Cache you can use any 1 of the following:

  1. Open a file system browser by choosing My Computer from the Windows Start menu, and navigate to \Windows\assembly.
  2. Scroll through the list of packages and delete those that you are confident are no longer required.

How add DLL to Gacutil?

Method 2:

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Microsoft . NET Framework 1.1 Configuration.
  2. click on “Manage the Assembly Cache”.
  3. click “Add an Assembly to the Assembly Cache”.
  4. Select the dll to install assembly and same wizard can be used to remove the assembly.

How register DLL in Gacutil EXE?

  1. Run the .NET command prompt (Start >> Programs >> Microsoft VS.NET >> VS.NET Tools >> VS.NET prompt)
  2. Start the gacutil.exe tool with -i parameter (install) and the full path to the control’s DLL. For example: gacutil.exe -i “C:\Program Files\Telerik\UI for WinForms\Version\bin\TelerikCommon. dll”

How do I delete a DLL file that won’t delete?

How do I end a DLL process?

Type “regsvr32 /u DLL NAME” into the command prompt, substituting the actual DLL name without the brackets for “DLL NAME.” Press enter. The DLL file is now no longer running on your system.

How do I manually register a DLL in the GAC?

How do I manually add a DLL to the GAC?

How to install or register an assembly in GAC

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Microsoft . NET Framework 2.0/4.0 Configuration.
  2. Click Manage the Assembly Cache.
  3. Select Add an Assembly to the Assembly Cache.
  4. Browse and select your DLL, which you want to install it in GAC.
  5. Click Open.
  6. Restart the IIS.

How to uninstall assembly ( dll ) from the GAC?

Open a Visual Studio command prompt and don’t forget to right click and run as an Administrator. At the command prompt, type the following command: gacutil /u In this command, assembly name is the name of the assembly to uninstall from the GAC.

Is it safe to remove Oracle DLLs from GAC?

So we should be safe removing it from the GAC. However, gacutil.exe is only available in Visual Studio, and we are not allowed to install Visual Studio onto the server. So how do we uninstall the Oracle DLLs from the GAC without having gacutil.exe available on the server?

How do I uninstall an app from the GAC?

From the Programs and Features app in Control Panel, select the app that you want to uninstall. If the installation package placed assemblies in the GAC, Windows Installer will remove them if they are not used by another application. Note. Windows Installer maintains a reference count for assemblies installed in the GAC.

Do you need to use gacutil.exe to remove assembly?

You should not use Gacutil.exe to remove assemblies on production systems because of the possibility that the assembly may still be required by some application. Instead, you should use the Windows Installer, which maintains a reference count for each assembly it installs in the GAC.