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How do I reset my Hotronix Fusion heat press?

How do I reset my Hotronix Fusion heat press?

Note: The Hotronix® Fusion is equipped with an Auto Sleep Mode. When the machine is not in use for a period of four hours, it will enter an energy-saving sleep mode. To restore to normal operating mode, press the start button located on the touch screen and allow the heat press to return to the target temperature.

What is medium pressure on Hotronix?

How can I check the pressure setting on my heat press? Lower the upper platen and lock it into place. Heat presses with a pressure readout will display the setting on the front panel. Hotronix® settings are 1-3 light, 4-6 medium and 7-9 firm.

Why is my heat press not locking?

Sometimes customer say heat press won’t lock this is due to too much pressure is set. All you need to do is turn pressure knob to the left and give it 4-5 spin and test to see if heat press lock down. If does not give it couple of spin to test. Once you found the proper amount of pressure you should be good to go.

How do you calibrate Hotronix?

Turn on heat press and heat to 350°F/177°C. Place temperature strip on center of platen and press for 5 seconds, or measure center of heater with contact thermocouple (not infrared) thermometer. Touch the Settings icon on the Home Screen. Touch Calibration, information displays on right of screen.

What is considered medium pressure on heat press?

Medium pressure is usually between 32-38 psi if you’re using an automatic heat press. If you’re working with a manual heat press, medium pressure means the upper platen takes some effort to close. Typically, you can close it with two hands and some effort.

How do I adjust Fancierstudio pressure?

Fancierstudio Power Heat Press is feeling blessed. When setting pressure on heat press turn to right to increase turn to left to decrease. Clockwise to increase… More counter clockwise to decrease. When setting pressure always do small increment and test.

How do I know what pressure my heat press is?

Take a pair of scissors and cut a piece of regular paper into quarters (4ths), and place then on each edge of heat press with half of the piece hanging off the edge slightly. Pull down heat press lid and lock it. Now, pull on each piece of paper. If the paper is easy to pull out, the pressure is not enough.

How do I reset my heat press?

Use the reset button on the side of heat press to reset it. If that doesn’t work, take a moment to plug something else into the wall outlet you’re using for the press. It might be that you’ve tripped a circuit breaker. If you see this, turn the machine off and back on.