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How do you crash a B-29?

How do you crash a B-29?

Travel to the map marker to find the crashed B-29, near Callville Bay. Quickly dive under and attach the ballasts between the two engines and underneath the wings, on each side of the bomber. A hollow 3D image marks the exact spot where to place the devices.

Where do I attach the ballast to the B-29?

It attaches to the crashed B-29, one ballast on the underside of each wing, between the two engines (the location is indicated by a transparent ghostly outline). Once detonated, the plane is able to float on the ballasts.

How do you get the bomber out of Lake Mead?

During the quest Volare! the Boomers request the Courier float the bomber up to the surface of the lake, using two ballasts provided by Loyal. The ballasts must be placed between the engines under each wing. After floating it up to the surface, Loyal sends robots to disassemble it and bring it back to Nellis hangars.

Is there a bomber in Lake Mead?

Submerged for the last 70 years after ditching into the waters of Nevada’s Hoover Dam reservoir, the tale of the Lake Mead B-29 grows more interesting with each passing decade. Although constructed in 1945 to join the war in the Pacific, this Superfortress never flew a single hostile mission.

Where is the B-29 in Lake Mead?

In 2001 a private dive team found the wreck of the B-29 in the Overton Arm of Lake Mead, using side-scan sonar. Because the bomber lay inside a National Recreation Area, responsibility for the site fell to the National Park Service. The bomber itself is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

How deep is the B-29 in Lake Mead?

The B-29 just a few years back was on the bottom in over 240 feet of water; but today, because Lake Mead’s water level has dropped over 100 feet, the B-29 now sits in almost a recreational diver’s depth of 140 feet.

How do you get boomers to idolize you?

To gain Boomer’s favor you have to get highest possible reputation with them [Idolized]. You can gain it by helping Boomers in Nellis and completing missions for them.

What happens if you lie to Janet New Vegas?

Janet can be lied to with a successful 55 Speech check, telling her that she is expected at the base and that it’s safe to go to Jack before arranging for her to do so safely. Doing so will fail the quest, earning negative Karma and resulting in Janet’s death as she attempts to approach Nellis.

How deep is Lake Mead now?

Currently, Lake Mead is roughly 140 feet below its 2000 level when it was considered full. That’s about the height of the Statue of Liberty in New York. If Lake Mead drops another 175 feet, water would then no longer pass through the Hoover Dam and cut off the water supply for everyone downstream.

When was the last time Lake Mead was full?

As federal officials face tough decisions about the western drought & water concerns, one man shares his memories of the last time Lake Mead was full in 1983.

How deep is the B-29 in Lake Mead now?

What is at the bottom of Lake Mead?

That’s right, the bottom of the lake is home to a World War II aircraft relic. The bomber was engaged in high-altitude atmospheric research when it crashed into the Overton arm of Lake Mead on July 21, 1948, Vanover said.

When did the B-29 crash in Fallout New Vegas?

The crashed B-29 appears only in Fallout: New Vegas . The crashed B-29 is a real world crash site, referencing a Boeing B-29 crashing into Lake Mead on July 21, 1948 – the same date in-game and in real life.

Where was the crashed B-29 bomber located?

The crashed B-29, dubbed The Lady in the Water or The Lady by the Boomers, is a B-29 lying at the bottom of Lake Mead, close to Lake Mead Cave and Callville Bay . On July 21, 1948, the bomber crashed into Lake Mead. Magazine articles written about the event, photographs, and a map of the area were compiled and cataloged at Nellis Air Force Base.

How to build your own B-29 bomber?

Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle. Choose up to 7 games The Boomers wish to raise the airplane out of the water, move it back to Nellis, and return it to operational condition. They disassembled another B-29 in a museum for spare parts, and awaited the day when they would raise the plane from the water and ascend to the skies.

Where did the B-29 Superfortress come from?

Ranger Lineholm at Ranger Station Alpha refers to the plane as a local myth. After raising the B-29, Radio New Vegas will feature a bit about locals having seen a large “object or creature” surfacing on Lake Mead, and that it has been dubbed “The Lake Mead Monster.”