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How do you evaluate the quality of a literature review?

How do you evaluate the quality of a literature review?

Tips to Evaluate SourcesAuthority: Who is the author? what is his/her credentials–what university he/she is affliliated? Usefulness: How this source related to your topic? How current or relevant it is to your topic?Reliability: Does the information comes from a reliable, trusted source such as an academic journal?

How do you determine the quality of a research paper?

Check the following pointsWhere is the article published? The journal (academic publication) where the article is published says something about the quality of the article. Who is the author? What is the date of publication? What do other researchers say about the paper? Determine the quality.

How do you read a literature review for a research paper?

Reading the LiteratureRead, summarize or describe each article noting your findings and impressions.Examine each article for strengths and weaknesses and validity of findings.Is the author objective? Try to extract the unique concepts of the article that are central to a full understanding of the topic.

What is a literature review supposed to look like?

Just like most academic papers, literature reviews also must contain at least three basic elements: an introduction or background information section; the body of the review containing the discussion of sources; and, finally, a conclusion and/or recommendations section to end the paper.

Does a literature review have a title page?

A literature review is a summary of all the literature on a given topic. (Your assignment will be a short review and cannot include all the relevant literature, so select the most important articles.) The review should be approximately 10 double-spaced, typed pages (not including title or reference pages.)

How do you publish a literature review paper?

Structure of Your ReviewIntroduce your topic.Outline what you will discuss throughout the review.Frame the paper with your thesis.Tell your audience why it is important that you reviewed the literature in your topic area.