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How do you organize literature review notes?

How do you organize literature review notes?

7 Strategies for Organizing Your ResearchAssemble printed sources and interact with them. Consider other methods of gathering data. Choose a system for keeping notes. Use your sources to generate ideas. Organize your ideas. Write your paper. Evaluate your argument.

How do you write a literature review plan?

The process of writing a literature review usually covers the following steps:Define your Research question.Plan your approach to your research and your review.Search the Literature.Analyze the material you’ve found.Managing the results of your research.Writing your Review.

How do you categorize information from related literature?

Define or identify the general topic to provide the context for reviewing the literature.Outline why the topic is important.Identify overall trends in what has been published about the topic.Identify conflicts in theory, methodology, evidence, and conclusions.Identify gaps in research and scholarlship.

How do I arrange my RRL?

Different ways to organise your literature review include:Topical order (by main topics or issues, showing relationship to the main problem or topic)Chronological order (simplest of all, organise by dates of published literature)Problem-cause-solution order.General to specific order.Known to unknown order.

Does a literature review have to be in chronological order?

The Chronological Literature Review If you prefer to stick to a chronological method of organizing data, you have to list your sources in chronological order (e.g. by the date each source was published). These are the two main ways to organize your literature review.