How do you pay the toll on the Benicia Bridge?

How do you pay the toll on the Benicia Bridge?

Ways to Pay

  1. Toll Tag. With a FasTrak toll tag, tolls are deducted from your prepaid FasTrak account.
  2. License Plate Account. If you travel over Bay Area bridges regularly and do not want a prepaid toll tag, consider opening a License Plate Account.
  3. One-Time Payment.
  4. Toll Invoice.

How much does it cost to cross the Benicia Bridge?

Bridge Facts At-A-Glance

LOCATION: Interstate 680 between Solano and Contra Costa counties
COLLECTION: One-way, northbound in Martinez
TRAFFIC LANES: Three in southern direction, five in northern direction

Are there toll takers on the Benicia Bridge?

Gavin Newsom made the decision to pull toll takers out of their booths when the pandemic hit in March 2020. He saw it as an unnecessary risk to their health. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, there will be no more toll takers on the bridge. It’s the end of an era.

How do I pay a toll in Los Angeles?

All tolls on The Toll Roads are collected electronically — there are no toll booths at which to stop and pay cash. Visitors and infrequent drivers can pay tolls within 5 days before or 5 days after driving The Toll Roads using The Toll Roads app or online at

Can you use FasTrak and pay later?

You can still drive The Toll Roads and pay with your new account. Just make sure the vehicle’s license plate number is registered to your account and – until you receive your transponder(s) in the mail – tolls will be collected using images of your license plates taken at tolling locations.

Is Bay bridge toll free?

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge links the cities of Oakland and San Francisco and crosses the San Francisco Bay along I-80. Drivers pay tolls in the westbound direction at the eastern side of the bridge.

What happens if you go through FasTrak without a pass?

If you use an express lane without a valid FasTrak toll tag, you will receive a violation notice. The following is a schedule of toll evasion penalties: First notice issued: $25 penalty. Second (delinquent) notice issued: $70 ($25 penalty plus $45 late fee).

Can you pay cash on the Benicia Bridge?

Cash payment is no longer collected at any of the eight toll bridges. There are four ways to pay bridge tolls: FasTrak®, License Plate Account, One-Time Payment, and Invoice.

Is Golden Gate Bridge toll free?

Only motorized vehicles pay tolls on the Golden Gate Bridge. Pedestrians and bikes cross for free, but (logically) must use the sidewalks. For information on larger vehicles, click here for the Bridge District site.

What happens if you accidentally go through FasTrak?

First notice issued: toll plus $25 penalty. Second (delinquent) notice issued: toll plus $70 ($25 penalty plus $45 late fee). If the toll is paid within 15 days, the penalty is reduced to $25.

How much is FasTrak monthly?

There are no fees to open or to maintain a FasTrak account. Think of your FasTrak account as a little bank account for tolls. Your account must always have a balance, and tolls will be automatically deducted from your balance each time a toll is collected.

Can you pay cash at Bay Bridge toll?

All Bay Area toll bridges have switched to automatic toll collection. Cash payment is no longer collected at any of the eight toll bridges. There are four ways to pay bridge tolls: FasTrak®, License Plate Account, One-Time Payment, and Invoice.

Where do you pay the toll on the Benicia Martinez Bridge?

The Benicia-Martinez Bridge crosses the Carquinez Strait along Interstate 680 (I-680) and connects the cities of Benicia and Martinez. Drivers pay tolls in the northbound direction at the toll plaza on the south side of the bridge. . Find tolls for vehicles with additional axles in the table below.

Where is the Benicia-Martinez Bridge in California?

The Benicia–Martinez Bridge refers to three parallel bridges which cross the Carquinez Strait just west of Suisun Bay; the spans link Benicia, California on the north side with Martinez, California on the south.

Are there any toll bridges in the Bay Area?

The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) collects tolls on the seven state-owned toll bridges in the Bay Area. As of Friday January 1, all seven of the Bay Area’s state owned bridges have permanently transition to all-electronic tolling

How big is the drawbridge in Benicia?

The drawbridge has the smallest clearances of the three bridges — lift span horizontal clearance is 291 feet and vertical clearances are 70 feet (closed) and 135 feet (open). In late 2001, construction began on a newer bridge east of and parallel to the railroad bridge.