How do you write an absconding letter to an employee?

How do you write an absconding letter to an employee?

Dear ________ ( whomever it may concern), It is informed through proper channels that you are absconding from your work since _____(data) without giving any proper intimation to official authorities. We tried to contact you through your personal number but could reach you.

How do you stop an absconding employee?

Most of the companies follow a procedure where they send at least two letters whereby they intimate the employee that he is absconding and his services can be terminated if he doesnt report within a specific date. the employee is also contacted through telephone by HR and line managers.

Should I pay notice period pay to the company after absconding?

There can be nothing serious against you, if you have break the employment contract then even they could charge for salary of 15days (notice period) . But don’t pay at first stage. Deny the allegations against you if they initiate any legal action against you. Pay only if court orders.

How do you write a letter of resignation after absconding?

We’ve tried reaching you via all possible way to inform you that you’ve absconded from your duties since ——– (date) without any proper intimation in prior in any way, the duration of which is more than that mentioned in the legal clause of termination section of appointment letter.

What legal action can a company take if I abscond?

In breach of the terms of a contract, one can file a civil suit for damages. In case the employee absconds while he is in possession of company property like documents, laptop, or cash, a criminal suit may be instituted against him under the Code of Criminal Procedure on charges of theft and breach of contract.

How do you email an employee who is absent without notice?

We regret to note that you were absent from work from (Date) to (Date) without taking any prior permission neither have you informed the causes of your absence during the leave. We understand that you have joined back to the office today. Our company does not appreciate such unprofessional conduct from its employees.

What legal action can be taken for absconding?

What are the consequences of absconding?

If the absconding employee owes dues to the employer, such as pending loans and advances, pre-paid dues, loaner devices etc, the employer can claim to recover these through the court. Employer can even adjust the same towards any money owed to the employee.

What happens if you abscond your notice period?

If you leave without proper resignation, the company might file a case against you and ask you to pay compensation. If you abscond from job without serving any resignation letter then you may have to pay the salary for not serving notice period that is of two months.

Can you get fired for absconding?

It can therefore be said that absconding means that one does not have the intention to return to work. In circumstances where the employer does not know whether the employee will return to work or not, the employer will have to establish this before the employee can be dismissed.

Can any company take legal action against employee?

An employer can initiate a legal action with the help of labor advocates, against an employee who violates any of these rights. The employer can file a case in a civil court or Labour Court against an employee who fails to perform their duties and acts against an employer’s interest.

How do you write an employee for excessive absenteeism?

A formal write-up should include:

  1. Specific facts (not opinions) about the situation.
  2. The rule or policy violated.
  3. Objectives and expectations for improvement.
  4. Disciplinary action being taken.
  5. Consequences for not correcting the problem.
  6. Signatures and dates.

What does show cause letter absconding letter mean?

It is found that you have failed to report to work since …………. (date) in our company, & we have found the assets of the company and you are missing. In spite of informing you through a prior notice to turn up to office, you have failed to do so.

How does an employer send an absconding letter?

First, the employer tries to get contact with employee personal mobile number, sends an e-mail to his personal mail id, tries to get in touch with his/her relatives/friends and tries to reach him/her using their permanent residential address. If all these cases are failed then the absconding letter is issued.

What does it mean when an employee absconds from an organization?

Absconding means unprofessional separation of the employee from an organization without any proper procedure. Usually, an absconding employee doesn’t get the remaining compensation or documents like an experience letter or relieving letter. They can even get blacklisted by the company.

How to send a show cause termination letter?

In our organization before terminating any employee who is on unauthrorized leave or obsconding we send them a UAL letter through registered post and then if no response we terminate the services.