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How is DC machine constructed?

How is DC machine constructed?

Construction of DC Machine. The construction of the DC machine can be done using some of the essential parts like Yoke, Pole core & pole shoes, Pole coil & field coil, Armature core, Armature winding otherwise conductor, commutator, brushes & bearings. Some of the parts of the DC machine is discussed below.

What is the basic construction of a DC motor?

A DC motor or machine consists of two windings namely field winding and armature winding. The field winding is stationary and the armature winding can rotate. The field winding produces a magnetic flux in the air gap between the armature and field windings and the armature is placed in this magnetic field.

What are the main parts of a DC machine?

Construction wise there are four Main parts of DC machine namely field magnet, armature, commutator and brush. Actually a DC machine means a DC motor or a DC generator constructionally both are same. If rotor of a DC machine is rotated through means of a prime mover.

Are AC or DC motors more powerful?

AC motors are generally considered to be more powerful than DC motors because they can generate higher torque by using a more powerful current. However, DC motors are typically more efficient and make better use of their input energy.

What is the speed of DC motor?

DC controls adjust speed by varying the voltage sent to the motor (this differs from AC motor controls which adjust the line frequency to the motor). Typical no load or synchronous speeds for an AC fractional horsepower motor are 1800 or 3600 rpm, and 1000-5000 rpm for DC fractional hp motors.

What is the difference between DC generator and DC motor?

A DC motor and generator convert mechanical and electrical energy into electric power. DC generator uses the right-hand rule of Fleming while DC motor uses the left-hand rule of Fleming.

What is a DC generator used for?

Applications of DC Generators These generators are used to charge batteries, provide lighting and provide excitation to alternators. They are used to provide field excitation current for regenerative braking in DC locomotives. They are used in DC motors where speed control is necessary.

What is the most important part of the DC machine?

The device which is used to convert DC into AC in DC motor is called commutator. Actually it is the most important part of DC motor. It is responsible to produce the unidirectional torque in DC motor.

What are the two main parts of a DC generator?

A direct-current (DC) generator consists of two main parts, a rotating section and a fixed one. Stator is the stationary part of this system that includes a core, stator winding, and the outer frame and houses the rotor (the rotating part) in its core.