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How long do you wear a cast after CMC arthroplasty?

How long do you wear a cast after CMC arthroplasty?

Two weeks after surgery, you will have your first post-operative visit. At this visit, your plaster cast will be removed, and you will go to physical therapy to be fitted for a custom splint, which you will wear for four weeks.

Is CMC arthroplasty painful?

You will generally have no pain, and the numbing medication usually lasts about 8 or more hours, so you will leave the surgery center with no pain.

How long does it take to recover from a thumb joint replacement?

In a traditional thumb joint reconstruction, the surgeon removes the trapezium — the small bone that connects the thumb to the wrist — then harvests a piece of tendon from the patient and implants it between the thumb and wrist to serve as a spacer. Patients often need three months to fully recover.

How long will I be off work after a Trapeziectomy?

A trapeziectomy is excellent at removing the pain of the arthritis, and with a reduction in pain, you will notice an increase in grip and pinch strength and overall function. However, the recovery from this procedure is slow. It takes most patients 4-6 months to return to all their normal activities.

What is Stage 3 CMC arthritis?

StageIII: Continued joint narrowing with cystic changes and sclerotic bone formarion. Prominent osteophytes are present wiht moderate subluxation at the cmc joint and subluxation at the MCP joint. Stage IV: All the components of stage III along with destruction of the scaphotrapezial joint.

How long after thumb surgery can I drive?

This varies in severity and is treated with therapy. You can return to driving when you feel you can control the vehicle safely. This is usually 6-12 weeks after surgery. You can return to work when you feel that you have enough strength and control to carry out your job.

When is CMC surgery needed?

Surgery is recommended when nonsurgical intervention has failed. Oral and topical pain medication can provide localized pain relief for mild cases of thumb arthritis. Splints can help decrease thumb pain by supporting the joint and limiting movement around the area.

How successful is basal joint surgery?

Results. A very common procedure with long-lasting results, basal joint surgery removes the arthritis and is very effective in eliminating the pain. After the reconstruction, patients are again able to do many of the activities that they were unable to do because of the arthritis.

How long are you out of work after basal joint surgery?

Three to 4 weeks after the procedure, the cast is removed and active range-of-motion therapy begins. Strengthening begins around 6 to 8 weeks after surgery. The majority of patients return to most activities by 3 months after surgery. Full recovery of normal activities may require up to 6 months.

How painful is a Trapeziectomy?

Many patients experience a high degree of pain after a trapeziectomy however some appear to have a comfortable and uncomplicated recovery. Research has looked at different surgical and splinting techniques to improve recovery but have found little difference.

What is Stage 4 CMC arthritis?

Stage IV: All the components of stage III along with destruction of the scaphotrapezial joint. At this stage the CMC joint is usually fixed and some patients may have little to no pain. Treatment: In early stages, stage I and sometimes stage II, con- servative treatment should be considered.

How is CMC joint pain treated?

The following are nonsurgical treatment options:

  1. Activity modification.
  2. Massage.
  3. Over the counter NSAID’s (ibuprofen or naproxen)
  4. Anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric or ginger.
  5. Topical pain relief creams/gels.
  6. Occupational/physical therapy.
  7. Corticosteroid injections.
  8. Prescription anti-inflammatory medications.

What is arthrosis of the first CMC joint?

Arthrodesis of the CMC1 joint is a surgical procedure in which the trapezium bone and the metacarpal bone of the thumb are secured together. Because the joint is fixed, and therefore can not be moved, the complaints of the patient are mainly gone. During the surgery the two bones will be fixated using K-wires. The use of plates and screws has also been described.

How long is the recovery period for thumb joint arthroplasty?

Depending on the type of surgical procedure used, full recovery from a thumb joint arthroplasty operation can take a number of months.

What is recovery time for basal joint arthroplasty?

Full recovery of normal activities may require up to 6 months. Most studies report high patient satisfaction rates and good short- and long-term pain relief after basal joint arthroplasty (1,2).

What is the recovery time for thumb arthroplasty?

The recovery period may take from six weeks to several months. In fact, it may actually take more than a year for the thumb to regain its range of motion and strength. After the surgery, you will have to wear a splint for up to 6 weeks.