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How long is the Song of Solomon audiobook?

How long is the Song of Solomon audiobook?

2 hours and 57 minutes
Product details

Listening Length 2 hours and 57 minutes
Narrator Toni Morrison
Audible.com Release Date June 23, 2009
Publisher Random House Audio
Program Type Audiobook

What is the point of Song of Solomon Toni Morrison?

Toni Morrison’s 1977 masterpiece, Song of Solomon, is the story of Macon ‘Milkman’ Dead III and his family. Morrison examines the complexity of family relationships, the disappointment of human frailty, and the legacy of racism in America.

How long does it take to read Song of Solomon Toni Morrison?

5 hours and 52 minutes
The average reader will spend 5 hours and 52 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Why is it called Song of Solomon Toni Morrison?

Song of Solomon’s title refers to the biblical book of the same name, emphasizing that the novel adresses age-old themes. Similarly, Morrison’s novel is a celebration of the triumph of earthly love. Morrison gives her characters biblical names in order to align them with well-known figures.

What is the plot of Song of Solomon?

Based on the African-American folktale about enslaved Africans who escape slavery by flying back to Africa, it tells the story of Macon “Milkman” Dead, a young man alienated from himself and estranged from his family, his community, and his historical and cultural roots.

How many chapters are in Song of Solomon?

8 chapters
The Song of Solomon has 117 verses, in a total of 8 chapters.

What is the main message of the Song of Solomon?

The literal subject of the Song of Songs is love and sexual longing between a man and a woman, and it has little (or nothing) to say about the relationship of God and man; in order to find such a meaning it was necessary to resort to allegory, treating the love that the Song celebrates as an analogy for the love …

What does Song of Solomon teach?

In medieval mysticism, the Song of Solomon was construed to apply to the love between Christ and the human soul. According to this interpretation, the songs celebrate the joy and goodness of human love between the sexes and the sense of inner fulfillment and harmony with God’s creation that arise from such love.

Why is Song of Solomon so good?

The great achievement of “Song of Solomon” is that it asks readers to rethink American history, to have an argument with it, and to wrest its unsavory details from the comfortable erasure that makes American life what it is today. “Song of Solomon” is, quite simply, a masterpiece.

Who is the best friend of Milkman Dead?

Guitar Bains
Guitar Bains Milkman’s best friend. Having grown up in poverty after his father was killed in a factory accident, Guitar harbors a lifelong hatred for white people, whom he sees as responsible for all evil in the world.

What is the main theme of Song of Solomon?

Searching for identity is the central theme of Song of Solomon. For Morrison ties to one’s community and ancestral past are key to one’s true, deep identity. Without these ties, life is disconnected and it is difficult to relate in truly meaningful ways with others.

How does Song of Solomon start?

The following day, Milkman sees the children of the town playing and singing the “Song of Solomon.” Milkman remembers that Pilate sang a similar song, and begins to piece together what little he knows about his family history and the history of the song. Eventually, it dawns on him that the song is about his family.