How long is the train journey from Pisa to La Spezia?

How long is the train journey from Pisa to La Spezia?

Pisa Centrale to La Spezia Centrale by train

Journey time From 42m
Distance 40 miles (65 km)
Frequency 43 trains per day
First train 03:26
Last train 22:53

How much is a taxi from Pisa airport to La Spezia?

Starting at 18,50€ If you need a transfer from Pisa airport to La Spezia cruise port, you can find here all the information about our La Spezia port taxi service.

How far is Florence from La Spezia port?

91 miles
The distance from Florence to La Spezia is only 91 miles (147 km). Drive between the two cities would likely be shorter than a train trip, but since driving in Florence and in any of the Cinque Terre towns is a hassle, you’re better off taking the train.

Is La Spezia Italy safe?

Crime rates in La Spezia, Italy

Level of crime 17.86 Very Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 35.71 Low
Worries home broken and things stolen 21.43 Low
Worries being mugged or robbed 14.29 Very Low
Worries car stolen 28.57 Low

Can you do Pisa and Cinque Terre in one day?

► Take the train to Pisa and Cinque Terre from Florence If Tuscany is in your travel plans, a day trip from Florence to both Pisa and Cinque Terre is absolutely possible if you don’t mind spending a good amount of time on regional trains and lots of walking.

How do I get from Pisa to Cinque Terre by train?

Taking the train from Pisa to Cinque Terre The average journey time by train between Pisa and Monterosso is 1 hour and 58 minutes, with around 22 trains per day. The fastest journey time by train from Pisa to Monterosso is 1 hour and 32 minutes.

Is there a direct train from La Spezia to Florence?

Is there a direct train between La Spezia and Florence? Yes, there is a direct train departing from La Spezia Centrale and arriving at Firenze Campo Marte. Services depart once daily, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 1h 41m.

Does La Spezia have a beach?

La Spezia’s western coastline is very steep and rugged and its long breakwater is close to the sea. Beaches are mostly rocky and pebbled, although there are sandy spots to be found in Levanto and Monterosso.

What is La Spezia known for?

La Spezia is home to a major Italian naval base and is considered a gateway to the Cinque Terre, the famous chain of five picturesque seaside villages. Many travelers use La Spezia as a base for day trips to the Cinque Terre and other nearby points of interest.

Is Pisa Italy worth visiting?

Yes, Pisa is worth visiting, even if you just discover the iconic masterpieces on the Piazza dei Miracoli. However, as you can see, Pisa has much more to offer travellers and the city deserves to be discovered. The locals are friendly, the Italian food is great and the city is full of history and things to do.

How much time do I need in Pisa?

Sightseeing Pisa on its own will not take you more than a day. However, based on the number of activities you can plan just outside the city, you might want to reserve 3-4 days in Pisa area, to make the most of your trip in Tuscany.

Is Pisa worth visiting?