How many diaries did Queen Victoria write?

How many diaries did Queen Victoria write?

Queen Victoria maintained diaries and journals throughout her life, filling 122 volumes which were expurgated after her death by her daughter Princess Beatrice. Extracts were published during her life and sold well.

What happened to Queen Victoria’s journals?

Queen Victoria maintained a detailed diary, her famous Journal, which is contained in 111 large manuscript volumes. These volumes constitute about a third of the original, as her diaries were edited after her death by her youngest daughter Princess Beatrice, at Queen Victoria’s request.

Where can I read Queen Victoria’s diaries?

The complete collection of Queen Victoria’s private diaries is being made available to the public online for the first time. The Queen launched the Queen Victoria’s Journals website at Buckingham Palace.

Why did Victoria’s daughter burned her diaries?

Sadly Victoria’s journals were expurgated by her youngest daughter Princess Beatrice, who was the Queen’s literary executor and, in the words of Wilson, ‘one of the most appalling people in history’. She thought her mother’s diaries were too frank and so she destroyed them.

Does the Queen Journal?

According to a Palace insider, the Queen ends each day recording her thoughts and feelings in her “secret” diary, no matter the hour or where she is—and only person has ever been permitted to read Her Majesty’s musings: Prince Philip. As one might expect, Her Majesty’s diaries are carefully guarded.

Who Burned Queen Victoria’s diaries?

Princess Beatrice
The Journals of The Queen from 1837-1901 are contained within blue ruled notebooks produced by the court stationers Parkins and Gotto and are the one hundred and eleven copies compiled by her fifth daughter, Princess Beatrice, who burned each diary on the completion of her transcription of it, as the original arrived …

Does the Queen journal?

What is the name of the youngest daughter of the Queen?

As her elder sisters married and left their mother, the Queen came to rely on the company of her youngest daughter, whom she called “Baby” for most of her childhood….Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom.

Princess Beatrice
Born 14 April 1857 Buckingham Palace, London, England
Died 26 October 1944 (aged 87) Brantridge Park, Sussex, England

Who was the youngest child of Queen Victoria?

Princess Beatrice (1857–1944) was the fifth daughter and youngest child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.