How many users can you have with Constant Contact?

How many users can you have with Constant Contact?

You only have access to our Welcome, Birthday, and Anniversary emails, and not to our advanced Automation features (Automated Email Series). Allows for only 5 account users.

Can you share a Constant Contact template with another account?

They let you create an email campaign and then send it to another user. That other user can edit and then send out the campaign from their account.

How do I add a user to constant contact?

Add users to your account

  1. Click the profile name in the upper right and select My Account from the drop-down.
  2. Click the Manage Users tab.
  3. Click Add New User.
  4. Enter the new user’s email address in the field.
  5. Select if you want the new user to be an Account Manager or Campaign Creator.
  6. Click Send invite.

How do you handle multiple logins?

How to Securely Manage Passwords for Multiple Logins

  1. The Hard Copy Approach.
  2. Use a Password Manager.
  3. Rely on Sites You Already Have Logins for.
  4. Reset Your Password, Every Time.
  5. Two-Step Verification.

What is constant contact API?

The Constant Contact API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol to authenticate an application in order to access a user’s Constant Contact resources. We have created endpoints to help migrate app users to OAuth 2.0 authentication from Basic and OAuth 1.0a.

Can you forward a Constant Contact email?

The forward feature is part of the email client itself and since we have no control over how that client sends the code out from there it is a better option to provide the email link URL as part of your social share.

How do I forward a friend in Constant Contact?

When contacts click the Email share button, a new message will open in their email client with the permanent link for your campaign automatically included in the message body. They’ll then be able to customize the rest of the message and send it to their friends’ email addresses.

How do I stop multiple logins from the same user?

To prevent the user from login on multiple systems or web browsers you need to generate a token on each successful login attempt. Need to check the token on each page. If the token does not match then destroy the SESSION and log out the user.

How do I manage multiple passwords?

Easy Ways to Remember & Manage Your Passwords

  1. Use a password manager. Make the master password very complex as it will give access to all your other passwords.
  2. Have your browser remember your password. Make your computer and email passwords very complex.
  3. Write down your passwords but turn it into a puzzle.

How do I find my constant contact API?

In this guide you will: Sign up for a Constant Contact developer account. Register an application and get an API key….Step 2: Register an Application

  1. Click Register or.
  2. Enter the name of your application – remember, end-users will see the app name during the grant access flow.
  3. Click Save.

How do I find my constant contact API Key?

You should see your API Key pre-filled in the App/Key field. (If you don’t, click the Sign In link at the top right of the page and log in to the Mashery developer account you created earlier. Once you are logged in, the page will refresh and you will see your app and API Key listed there.)

How do I forward a friend in constant contact?