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How much does a Grumman Tiger cost?

How much does a Grumman Tiger cost?

Prices for the mid-70s Tigers range from $60,000 for a VFR-equipped aircraft with an engine nearing TBO to about $100,000 for a better-equipped model. The later versions produced in the 1990s and 2000s may cost a bit more.

How many Grumman tigers are there?

A total of 834 AA-5 Travelers were produced, as well. American General built around 150 AG-5Bs before it folded. There were no major design changes during the Tigers production run, although there were some refinements. In 1977, much-needed soundproofing was improved and windshield thickness doubled to a quarter-inch.

How much is a Grumman Cheetah?

Vref, the AOPA partner offering aircraft value estimates, suggests a base price for the Grumman American Cheetah of $28,000 for the 1975 model to $36,000 for the 1979 model. Listed in Trade-A-Plane at the time this was written were six Cheetah aircraft ranging from $34,000 for a 1977 model to $44,500 for a 1978 model.

What is an aa5 aircraft?

The Grumman American AA-5 series is a family of American all-metal, four-seat, light aircraft used for touring and training.

Can you fly Grumman Tiger with canopy open?

Light controls, good cruise speed, great vis, canopy opens in flight, strong airframe, and great looks.

How much fuel does a Grumman Tiger hold?

The engine is a Lycoming Model O-360-A4K and is rated at 180 horsepower. The fuel system consists of two tanks with a total capacity of 52.6 gallons, of which 51 gallons is usable, two sump tanks, independent fuel gauges, and a fuel selector valve.

Who owns Grumman aircraft?

Northrop Grumman
Grumman/Parent organizations

The end of the Cold War at the beginning of the 1990s reduced defense spending and led to a wave of mergers as aerospace companies shrank in number; in 1994 Northrop bought Grumman for $2.1 billion to form Northrop Grumman, after Northrop topped a $1.9 billion offer from Martin Marietta.

Can you fly a Navion with the canopy open?

I’ve flown with the canopy open on the Navion. It’s noisy but not overly windy in the front seat. The rear seat gets most of the blast. The only time I flew in a true open cockpit (maxair drifter), I also had a helmet on so it kind of detracted from the wind fieling (that and the drifter doesn’t fly very fast).

Does Northrop Grumman make weapons?

Innovation. Northrop Grumman specializes in innovating low-cost, highly reliable and precise weapons and ammunition for artillery and mortar systems, medium-caliber weapons platforms, battle tanks and individual soldiers.

Does Grumman still make planes?

Leaves Long Island. IN a historic move, Grumman Corporation – one of the nation’s largest aerospace contractors and the last remaining builder of fighter/bomber military aircraft in the Northeast – is shutting down its manufacturing facilities on Long Island, N.Y.