How much does it cost to rent a venue in Melbourne?

How much does it cost to rent a venue in Melbourne?

How much does it cost to hire a minimum spend venue in Melbourne? Minimum spend rates for Melbourne vary from $500 per day (for about 30 guests) to $4,000 per day (for about 1,000 guests). This comes down to $4 to $17 per person.

What does venue hire include?

Packages can be presented in various ways, including; A per head cost for the total wedding; A per head cost for individual aspects such as, drinks package, catering package, entertainment package etc or; A total price which covers a certain amount of people, for example, a cost for up to 50 guests and then a per head …

What does minimum spend mean when booking a venue?

A minimum spend simply means the total take in food and drink at the end of the night needs to come up to this amount. This can either be by your guests paying as they go, you paying, or a combination of the two.

What is a function venue?

A function room is a large room where formal dinners or parties can be held. The function room is ideal for business conferences and special occasions. The function room has a modern sound system and a bar.

Where can I host an event for free?

Top Free Virtual Event Platforms

  • Hopin.
  • PheedLoop.
  • Remo Conference.
  • Cvent.
  • Airmeet.
  • Whova.
  • BigMarker.
  • Socio.

What is a dry hire venue?

‘Dry hire’ is the phrase used to describe a venue that only provides the use of the space that they have, such as a hall or room, whereas ‘wet hire’ allows you to not only use the venue space but also their caterers, drinks, event designers and audio-visual services.

What is a venue fee?

What’s a venue site fee exactly? Site fees are meant to cover the rental cost of your venue, and almost any space you’re considering for your big day will charge one. Expect to see higher site fees from venues that simply provide a space with minimal additional services.

What is a venue minimum?

So, what’s a Venue ‘minimum’? A minimum is a requirement that must be met for an event to take place on a certain date at a specific time.

Can you negotiate food and beverage minimums?

The Food & Beverage minimum is typically viewed as a liability because it sits in the hotel contract. Most planners work hard to negotiate it down (or try to remove it completely), even if the actual catering budget of the meeting will clearly exceed the minimum stipulated in the contract.

What is Banquet Hall meaning?

(ˈbæŋkwɪtɪŋ hɔːl) a large building or room used for feasts. The table ran the length of the banqueting hall.

What is a function suite?

(ˈfʌŋkʃən rʊm) noun. a room designated for official or formal social gatherings or ceremonies. Collins English Dictionary.

How much does it cost to host an event?

Average Event Costs

Service Lowest Highest
Catering $180 $30,000
Decor $250 $7,000
DJ $200 $2,300
Entertainment $175 $675

Are there function rooms for hire in Melbourne?

Our collection is jam-packed full of different kinds of function rooms for hire all around the city, from the CBD to Port Melbourne. So, why don’t you give it a try and see what we have in store today? The perfect function rooms for your event is just several clicks away. It’s never been so easy!

What are community hubs and bookable spaces in Melbourne?

Community hubs and bookable spaces – City of Melbourne The City of Melbourne has various facilities to hire for community and commercial use. These venues are suitable for a variety of different functions including workshops and meetings, classes, family gatherings and performances. Skip to main content Level 1:Home Level 1:About Council

What do you need to know about Melbourne venues?

Whatever the occasion, Melbourne Venues has a unique venue in Melbourne to perfectly suit. Once you have chosen your venue with the assistance of Melbourne Venues, you will also need to arrange all the logistics of your event: the catering, entertainment, décor etc.

Where to go for a birthday party in Melbourne?

Death or Glory is an intimate bar and function space in the heart of Chapel st, Prahran. There are two distinct places to hire which include The Island Bar and the Gallery / Bandroom. The venue offers… The Wigs Cellar, Melbourne’s oldest bottle shop, are now open as a venue!