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How much is a Minolta 7s camera worth?

How much is a Minolta 7s camera worth?

Minolta: Hi-matic 7

Average Very good
Body only $20-30 $30-40
With lens $30-40 $40-50
Estimate value accuracy:

Is Minolta Hi Matic 7s good?

The quality of the camera is something I don’t feel very qualified to judge, the few articles I found online suggest the lens performs well and is quite sharp, it’s a 45mm lens with 6 elements in 5 groups. It opens up from f/1.8 to f/16. The camera speed goes up to 1/500 second.

Is Minolta Hi Matic a rangefinder?

The Hi-Matic F is an automatic exposure camera that you have focus via a rangefinder. Being relativity light it’s the perfect size camera to wear around your neck and take pretty much anywhere.

Does Minolta Hi Matic 7s need battery?

No, it doesn’t require batteries, although there are drawbacks to using the camera without them. The battery powers the camera’s light meter. This means you will not be able to shoot in auto without a battery.

What film does the Yashica Electro 35 use?

Additional Information

SKU h35yas
Available Apertures f1.7, f2, f2.8, f4, f5.6, f8, f11, f16
Shutter Speeds 1/500 ~ about 30 seconds
Film advance Lever
Film Format 35 mm

How do you remove film from a Minolta himatic 7s?

It’s a pretty simple process, you can remove the film advance lever by unscrewing the circular plate on top of it. To get the film spool wider off you have to lift the little winding arm and turn it until you can see the ring beneath with two notches in it.

When did the Minolta Hi Matic 7S come out?

The 7S was introduced in 1966 and was a slightly improved version of the Model 7 and used a CdS cell instead of the a selenium meter including a faster 45mm Rokkor-PF f/1.8 lens. One of the new features that made it attractive to creative photographers was the option of setting manual exposure, an option not available with the original Hi-Matic.

What kind of camera is the Minolta 7s?

Minolta literature touted the 7S as ‘IT’S A CAMERA THAT THINKS…AND A THINKING MAN’S CAMERA’ and had three operational modes, automatic, semi-automatic and manual. The 7S may not have been the finest rangefinder Minolta ever built, but the nearly all-metal build quality is exceptional and in my opinion, truly under appreciated.

What kind of flash unit does Minolta 7SII use?

The Auto Electroflash 25 and Electroflash 20 were the two flash units advertised for the Minolta 7SII. The Electroflash 20 was specifically designed for Hi-matic cameras, a compact and efficient electronic flash with a Guide number of 20.