How much is an Oberon mini keg?

How much is an Oberon mini keg?

On The Party Source’s amazingly convenient catalog, a six-pack of Oberon is $9.89 for 72 ounces and the mini keg is $20.99 for the Google-formulated 169 ounces.

How long does a Bells mini keg last?

As long as the mini keg has not been tapped, and you keep it refrigerated, it should stay fresh for several months. However, once the keg has been carbonated (or filled with finished beer from a larger keg) it is ideal that you plan to consume it within 2 – 3 months.

What beer is available in mini kegs?

Mini Keg Beers for the Mini Kegerator

  • Heineken Lager.
  • Newcastle Brown Ale.
  • Coors Light Lager.
  • Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen Amber.
  • DAB Original Lager.
  • Widmer Hefeweizen.
  • Bell’s Oberon Wheat Ale.
  • Rogue Yellow Snow IPA.

How long do mini kegs last unopened?

Whatever you choose, mini-casks and kegs should have at least six weeks of shelf life on them when they arrive at your door (check the sticker on the bottom for exact dates), so if you’re planning ahead, don’t worry about ordering too early – just keep them somewhere cool and dark until you want to use them.

How much are mini kegs?

Comparing Keg Sizes & Types:

Capacity (gal / oz) Cans / Bottles (12oz)
Mini Keg 1.32 / 169 14
Cornelius Keg 5.0 / 640 53
Sixth Barrel 5.16 / 661 56
Quarter Barrel 7.75 / 992 82

How many beers are in a mini keg?

Mini Keg. Having a shape similar to a small barrel, a Mini Keg is a perfect option for a small gathering of friends where you might normally bring a 12-pack. The 5-liter mini keg holds about 14 12-ounce pours.

Should I refrigerate a mini keg?

Typically, one of our mini-kegs can be stored for several months, provided that you store it in a cool place. Refrigeration is preferable, but not completely necessary. We encourage retailers to keep them cold so that the shelf life with you, the consumer, is maximized.

How long can you keep a beer keg once opened?

In general, the fresher your keg draft beer is, the better it tastes. Keg beer will remain fresh if dispensing with CO2, while maintaining the proper temperature and pressure: Non-pasteurized draft beer about 45-60 days. Pasteurized draft beer about 90-120 days.

When is Oberon day at Bell’s brewery?

Oberon Day is March 22nd and that is when we will officially celebrate. This year, some places may have it as early as the 18th so we all have a chance to get the beer in time to celebrate, wherever that may be. Celebrate with us live from Noon – 1pm EST.

When does Larry Bell celebrate the release of Oberon?

Celebrate with us live from Noon – 1pm EST. Our crew will have a few surprises for you, including a special toast from Larry Bell. With safety in mind due to COVID-19, events may be limited. Our teams are working with all of our partners to ensure Oberon is available and celebrating where they can – safely.

Is the Eccentric Cafe open on Oberon day?

For those located nearby, our Eccentric Cafe and General Store will both be open on Oberon Day from 11am – 9pm with limited capacity, social-distancing measures followed and COVID-19 safety precautions in place. The Cafe will also offer… Fresh Oberon available to-go in cans and bottles as well as crowlers and growlers.