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How thick is the ice on lake namakagon?

How thick is the ice on lake namakagon?

around 15 inches
Ice is generally around 15 inches but there are definitely thinner spots to watch out for. On Lower give a wide birth to the little strip of Island to the left of the launch as you’re facing the lake. There is a large shanty size area that looks different and it is.

What kind of fish are in lake namakagon?

Visitors have access to the lake from public boat landings. Fish include Musky, Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye. The lake’s water clarity is low.

Where are the panfish biting in Wisconsin?

Good early fishing locations for both crappies and bluegills on Lake Wabesa are the weedy south-end of the lake, the Hog Island area, the channels off Upper Mud Lake, near the Bible Camp, and the southern shoreline out from Jordan Drive.

Where is the best walleye fishing in Wisconsin?

The Best Walleye Fishing In Wisconsin

  • Lake Winnebago. The largest inland lake in Wisconsin is also home to some fantastic walleye fishing.
  • Green Bay. The Bay of Green Bay and its tributaries are not only a spot to catch a lot of walleye but also to catch big walleye.
  • Puckaway Lake.
  • Lake Koshkonong.
  • Lake Geneva.

Is Lake namakagon good for swimming?

It is the perfect spot to kayak, canoe, jet ski, swim or take a boat ride to one of the many restaurants along the shoreline.

Where is Lake namakagon located?

Bayfield County

Lake Namakagon
Location Bayfield County, Wisconsin near Cable, Wisconsin
Coordinates 46°12′57″N 91°06′40″WCoordinates: 46°12′57″N 91°06′40″W
Type Glacial lake
Primary inflows Namakagon River

What do you fish on namekagon?

The Namekagon has received national recognition for the naturally reproducing brown and brook trout fisheries on the section of river upstream of Hayward. In addition to trout, the Namekagon also produces walleye, bass, muskellunge, northern pike and panfish.

Where is the best perch fishing in Wisconsin?

Yellow perch – Lake Winnebago Wisconsin’s largest inland lake is one of the best places in the country to catch yellow perch. This 138,000-acre lake has offered up some monster perch over the years, some reaching lengths of 16 inches or more. Locals jig for perch and often use slip bobbers.

Where is the best bluegill fishing?

Top 10 Trophy Bluegill Lakes by In-Fisherman

  • Lake Winnipesaukee (NH)
  • Lake Okeechobee (FL)
  • Kentucky Lake (KY)
  • Nelson Lake (WI)
  • Lake Delavan (WI)
  • Lake Geneva (WI)
  • Leech Lake (MN)
  • West Okoboji Lake (IA)

How old is a 40 inch pike?

Fish Age-Size and Male/Female Ratio Chart

Fish Age Length Weight
19 39″-99cm 18lb
20 40″-101cm 21lb
21 41.5″-105cm 23lb
22 43″-109cm 25lb

How old is a 25 inch walleye?

Generally, female walleye which are 25 inches long are about 10 years old, and 30 inch females are in the range of 20 years old. The oldest Lake of the Woods walleye we have aged was a 23 year old female which was 30.3 inches long.

How long is Lake namakagon?

43.67 mi
The shoreline length of Lake Namakagon is 43.67 mi (70 km). Lake Namakagon reaches a maximum depth of 51 ft (17 yd),and a mean depth of 16 ft (5.3 yd). The Namakagon River sources the 52,032 acre feet (64,181,000 m3) lake.