Is Arsene Wenger married?

Is Arsene Wenger married?

Annie Brosterhousm. 2010–2015
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Is Arsene Wenger a smoker?

Wenger also confirmed that he smoked due to stress and believes that some professionals still smoke, but will reportedly implement punishments if his players are caught smoking while on club duty.

What is Arsene Wenger real name?

Arsène Charles Ernest Wenger
Arsène Wenger

Wenger in 2012
Personal information
Full name Arsène Charles Ernest Wenger
Date of birth 22 October 1949
Place of birth Strasbourg, France

What did Mourinho say about Wenger?

Mourinho described Wenger as a “sweet enemy” and “a very intelligent person and one of the best football managers in the history of football.”

Is Arsene Wenger divorce?

After nearly two decades together, Arsene and Annie married in 2010. However, they separated in 2015 amid reports that Arsene was in a relationship with a younger woman.

Who is Arsene Wenger daughter?

Léa Wenger
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Is Wenger retired?

Arsène Wenger/Career end

How many times did Wenger beat Mourinho?

Mourinho’s rivalry with Wenger reached boiling point in 2014 when they physically clashed on the touchline in a Premier League game at Stamford Bridge. It took Wenger 14 attempts to finally beat Mourinho, who once called him a “specialist in failure”, and he managed only two wins in 19 meetings. “We beat him twice.

Who is specialist in failure?

After Wenger suggested Premier League managers were playing down their title chances as they “fear to fail”, Mourinho hit back quite spectacularly. “If he is right and I am afraid of failure it is because I didn’t fail many times. Eight years without silverware, that’s failure. “He’s a specialist in failure.

Why did Arsene Wenger get divorced?

A source said Wenger, 65, and Annie, who married in December 2010 after a long term relationship, had “not been happy for a while”. “They have divided up their assets and agreed a financial package to separate. “They decided this was the best course of action to take.”

How old is Arsene Wenger?

71 years (22 October 1949)
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