Is Asch the real Luke?

Is Asch the real Luke?

In reality, Asch is the original Luke fon Fabre. When he was ten, Luke was kidnapped by Van Grants to make a replica, who would later become known as Luke fon Fabre after assuming the position that Luke once held within the kingdom. The original Luke then became known as “Asch”.

Did Luke and Asch merge?

Lethal Pain! Had this long thing written out, but decided to just say that it’s a new persona made of both Asch and Luke combined into one. New Red’s body is no different from the other two as well.

Is Asch still alive?

Deceased (1907–1996)
Solomon Asch/Living or Deceased

How old is Fon Master?

The original Fon Master Ion is a character who appears in the Ion Gaiden issue of the Tales of the Abyss manga, and is mentioned within the actual game to be the actual human from which the replicas Ion, Sync, and Florian were cloned….Wiki Targeted (Games)

Hometown Daath
Age 12
Height 166 cm
Weight 58 kg

Does Luke like tear?

Throughout the game, Tear develops feeling for Luke. Everyone in the group seems to notice Tear’s feeling for Luke, except Luke himself. There have been many hints from the others to Luke that Tear likes him, but all of them seem to fly over Luke’s head. The duo has been made fun of by the others in the group.

How old is Luke tales of the abyss?


Luke Fon Fabre
age 7 Mentally 17 Physical
gender Male
height 5’7″ / 171 cm.
weight 150 lbs. / 68 kg.

What happened at the end of the abyss?

Bud’s sacrifice has showed them that humanity may have the strength and wisdom to make it after all. The movie then ends with the spaceship rising up towards the ocean surface. This ending, together with many other deleted scenes, was restored in the Special Edition of The Abyss.

What did Asch conclude?

The experiments revealed the degree to which a person’s own opinions are influenced by those of groups. Asch found that people were willing to ignore reality and give an incorrect answer in order to conform to the rest of the group.

Is Solomon Asch a doctor?

Solomon E. Asch was born in 1907 in Warsaw, Poland. Asch earned his bachelor’s degree from the City College of New York in 1928. He continued his studies at Columbia University, where he earned both his master’s degree and his PhD.

How old is tear Tales of the Abyss?


Tear Grants
age 16
gender Female
height 5’4
weight 110 lbs

How old is Luke from obey me?

ten year old
Luke is an angel of short stature with light blond hair, a fair complexion, and blue eyes with a yellow gradient. While his physical appearance is that of a ten year old, he is at least over one thousand years old, as alluded to in Lesson 7-10.

Who is the MC of Tales of the Abyss?

Luke fon Fabre
Luke fon Fabre (ルーク・フォン・ファブレ, Ruuku fon Fabure?, “Luke fone Fabre”) is the main protagonist in Tales of the Abyss.

Where to find Asch in Tales of Vesperia?

Asch makes a cameo appearance in the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia, where his clothes are a costume that can be used by Yuri Lowell by equipping the “Rokujinshou: Senketsu no Kenshi” title from the pre-order bonus, or by equipping the “Abyssal Inferno” title from the PlayStation Network.

How did Asch get on the Van Eltia?

Asch first arrives on the Van Eltia after being injured in a experiment by Janis Kern, and is placed in the infirmary. When Janis arrives on the ship to speak to Raine Sage, Asch awakens and attempts to attack Janis, but he is held back by the Protagonist in time.

Who is Asch in Tales of the Abyss?

Asch the Bloody (鮮血のアッシュ Senketsu no Asshu?) is a God-General and an anti-hero in Tales of the Abyss. He is the 6th Division Commander of Special Operations within the Oracle Knights.

How did Asch get his key of Lorelei?

Luke emerges victorious, and Asch forfeits his Key of Lorelei to Luke. Afterward, a group of Oracle Knights arrive, and Asch stays behind to fight them. Although Asch manages to kill many of the knights, he succumbs to his injuries sustained during the battle.