Is Bruges Christmas market 2020 Cancelled?

Is Bruges Christmas market 2020 Cancelled?

COVID-19 update: The Christmas Markets will not be open in 2020.

Which is the best Christmas market in Belgium?

1. Winter Wonders, Brussels. Once hailed as Europe’s most original Christmas market by British tour operators, the Brussels Winter Wonders Christmas market offers plenty of entertainment. Known locally as Plaisirs d’Hiver (‘Winter Fun’ in French), this is the most famous Christmas market in Belgium.

Does Ghent have a Christmas market?

Christmas Market in Ghent The Gentse Winterfeesten is an authentic Christmas market right in the enchanting heart of Ghent. The entire Winterfeesten area and all squares will ooze the atmosphere of the Nordics.

What is there to do in Belgium at Christmas?

  • Ice skating rink in Antwerp.
  • Bruges is truly magical in winter.
  • Grand Place during the winter holiday season.
  • Christmas ornament market stands are my favorites!
  • If you look well, you can even meet Santa Claus in Belgium.
  • Town Hall in Leuven looks like a fairytale castle at Christmas.

Does it snow in Bruges at Christmas?

It does snow a little in Bruges in December as the temperature is very low. And that makes visiting Bruges in winter a great experience. Is there a Christmas market in Bruges?

Is Bruges Christmas market good?

Christmas Market in Bruges There will be a good range of stalls offering all kinds of delicious local food and drinks. Home-made hot chocolate, ice-cold jenever, spiced glühwein… along with Belgian beers, cheeses and hearty dishes. The Bruges winter market is also a great place to shop for an original Christmas gift.

What is the biggest Christmas market in Europe?

1. Cologne, Germany. Long-favoured as a festive destination, Cologne boasts several Christmas markets, the largest of which is in the city centre, beneath the appropriately stunning backdrop of Cologne’s iconic cathedral.

Where is Lille Christmas Market?

Place Rihour
Where to find the market. The market is in the centre of town with around 90 stalls on Place Rihour, and the massive Christmas tree and Ferris wheel on nearby Grand Place, so it’s very compact and just 10 mins walk from the station.

Does it snow in Belgium at Christmas?

Snowfall. January through April, November and December are months with snowfall in Brussels, Belgium. In December, in Brussels, snow falls for 4.6 days.

Where are the Christmas markets in Bruges Belgium?

A couple of blocks from Market Square is Simon Stevinplein, a charming city square ringed by rows of linden trees. What we found here was a complete surprise. This part of the Bruges Christmas markets has shopping and food stalls like what’s available in the Market Square.

What to do in Bruges in the winter?

Bruges also takes a slightly different approach to its market. In 2019, the city adopted the name “Winter Glow” for its celebrations, aiming to include people of different religions and to expand the focus from the market alone to all the things to do in Bruges in winter.

Why is Christmas time so special in Belgium?

Christmas time in Belgium is special. Not only because of the fairytale Christmas markets all over the country but because there are two Santa Claus! Just imagine how lucky the kids in Belgium are.

How many days should I stay in Bruges?

If you’re like me and prefer a more laid-back style to traveling, then I recommend staying a bit longer than two days in Bruges as there are plenty of day trips to explore from there. I think four or five nights will allow you to see everything at a leisurely pace and really get a good feel for the town.