Is Lipozene a Magical Diet or Scam?

Is Lipozene a Magical Diet or Scam?

With so many scams available throughout the internet and on television, it’s hard for a person to know what to believe. In the case of Lipozene, it’s easy for someone who has had trouble losing weight to be drawn by the claims, but are the claims true? Is there really a magical diet that will help with weight loss with very little effort?


Lipozene is one of the top selling weight loss products available today. The makers claim it can help users lose weight without the need to change their lifestyle—no diet or exercise is needed according to their claims. They also claim they have conducted their own testing, but the results are nowhere to be found. What does that say about the validity of those claims?

Origin of Lipozene

Lipozene is a dietary supplement whose only active ingredient is a water-soluble fiber called Glucomannan. The ingredient is found in the roots of the Asian konjac plant, which makes it a completely natural product. The belief is it works by absorbing the water in the stomach thus providing a feeling of fullness. This in turn causes the user to feel full after eating just a small amount of food.

Are Lifestyle Changes Needed?

According to advertising, there is no need for any user to make lifestyle changes. The makers of the product claim you can lose weight by just taking two Lipozene capsules half an hour before each meal. They claim there is no need to change the way you eat or to engage in physical activity. However, the concept of weight loss requires an individual to burn more calories than he consumes; this is not possible without an exercise routine.

In spite of the claims by the Lipozene advertising, there is no magical diet that will allow a person to lose weight without consuming fewer calories and exercising. While you may lose a little bit of weight without exercise, any substantial weight loss requires a reduction in the number of calories as well.


Anyone who believes in the concept of losing weight without consuming fewer calories or exercise is easily fooled. While some people may initially lose weight on Lipozene without any lifestyle changes, it will not last. In addition, if you want to lose the weight and keep it off, you will need to continue following the same regimen you followed to lose weight. This doesn’t mean you can never again eat high-calorie foods and desserts, but you will need to limit the portions and engage in additional activity afterward.