Is Mathcad available for Linux?

Is Mathcad available for Linux?

PTC Mathcad is not available for Linux but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on Linux with similar functionality. The best Linux alternative is SMath Studio, which is free.

Is Mathcad still available?

Current releases As of 2021, the latest release from PTC is Mathcad Prime 7.0. The last service release, Mathcad 15.0 M050, which added support for Windows 10, was released in 2017. Mathcad 15.0 is no longer actively developed but in “Sustained Support”.

Is there a free version of Mathcad?

To put it simply – Mathcad Express is a free version of Mathcad Prime with lifetime limited functionalities. When you download PTC Mathcad Express, you are able to access full capabilities that you would with the licensed version of PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0 for the first 30 days.

Is Mathcad 15 free?

Mathcad is the industry’s standard for engineering calculation software, enabling you to solve your most complex problems, and share your calculations with colleagues. To prepare students for the work- force, PTC Education is committed to providing access to Mathcad for free.

How do you convert Mathcad to smath?

More or less, if you want to have a piece of Mathcad in your Smath work sheet, do it simple: “Print screnn” button on the keyboard, paste in Paint, select the portion of interest, paste in IrfanView, redude to 256 colors => simple/fast no need for PDF, HTML after that: construct in Samath.

How do I install Mathcad?


  1. Download your installer and up-zip the file on your machine.
  2. Run Setup.exe making sure the user account has the correct privileges to install new software.
  3. Select ‘Install new software’ and proceed.
  4. The installer will default to C:\Program Files\PTC and this can be changed at this stage.

Can I still buy Mathcad 15?

PTC is announcing the end-of-sale for the following versions of PTC Mathcad, effective December 31, 2021: Mathcad 15.

What is the difference between Mathcad 15 and Mathcad Prime?

Differences Between PTC Mathcad 15 and PTC Mathcad Prime. Despite the fact that PTC Mathcad Prime files have a different file type than their PTC Mathcad 15.0 predecessors, PTC Mathcad Prime files do not require a different EPM Document type. There is no compressed format of PTC Mathcad Prime files.

What can Mathcad Express do?

PTC Mathcad is math software that lets you perform, analyze, document and share your calculations easily. When you download PTC Mathcad Express and choose the 30-day full functionality option, you’ll get access to the full version of PTC Mathcad Prime 7 for 30 days.

How much does Mathcad 15 cost?

If you take a $600/yr subscription (what MathCad 15 costs today), and reduced it to a cost per hour ($ you get $0.68/hr. Most people can afford that, especially if the clock doesn’t start until the SW (or its updates are downloaded).

Can SMath Open Mathcad files?

Install SMath Studio software This one is an easy one. Select SMath Studio or one of the recommended programs (for example, Mathcad) and download it from appropriate source and install on your system. On the top of the page a list that contains all programs grouped based on operating systems supported can be found.

How do I open a Mathcad file?

SMath Studio supports only *. xmcd MathCAD files (*. mcd do not supported). You can open such files via File>Open dialog or using drag’n’drop functionality.

Which is the best alternative to PTC Mathcad for Linux?

The best Linux alternative is SMath Studio, which is free. If that doesn’t suit you, our users have ranked more than 25 alternatives to PTC Mathcad and many of them are available for Linux so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement.

How can I do my calculations in Mathcad?

Get your work out of spreadsheets and inserted directly into Mathcad using an array of different Excel integrations. Present your calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images in a single document.

What do you get with a Mathcad subscription?

With a subscription to Mathcad you’ll receive: 1 eLearning to help with training and enablement 2 Scalable licenses to adapt as projects or user requirements grow 3 The latest enhancements and most-up-to-date version of Mathcad More

How is PTC Mathcad used for engineering calculations?

Using PTC Mathcad’s rich array of mathematical functionality, you can document your most critical engineering calculations as easily as you can write them. Show your work using rich formatting options alongside plots, text, and images in a single, professionally formatted document.