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Is Peugeot 308 CC reliable?

Is Peugeot 308 CC reliable?

Reliability and Safety Just like the hatch, the Peugeot 308 CC offers drivers real peace of mind in the event of a crash. Six airbags, ISOFIX child seat mounts, traction control and pop-up roll hoops that activate on impact all helped it to achieve the top five star rating from Euro NCAP.

Does Peugeot still make 308 cc?

Peugeot is once again at the forefront of the convertible segment with the announcement the all new 308 CC. The 308 CC, with its four full-size seats, capitalises on all the inbuilt strengths of the 308 range whilst still embodying the “307 CC spirit” and Peugeot’s coupé cabriolet expertise.

What CC is a Peugeot 308?

Explore the Peugeot range The 308 CC engine range kicks off with a normally aspirated 1.6-litre VTi petrol with 118bhp and a five-speed manual gearbox, and ranges upwards through 154- and 197bhp turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol options, and includes a 110bhp 1.6-litre HDi diesel with automatic engine stop-start.

When did they stop making Peugeot 308 CC?

Peugeot improved the 308 CC for the last time in 2011 after just two years on the market, but it was a well-deserved one since it was improved in every way.

Does a Peugeot 308 have a Cambelt?

The 1.4-litre petrol engine is chain-driven, but the others need a cambelt replacement every 10 years, or 100-120,000 miles.

What are the common problems with Peugeot 307?

Peugeot 307 Common Problems

  • Indicator Stalks. When you are out on the open road make sure you pay specific attention to any kind of clicking noise that seems to be making its way out of the steering column.
  • Body Panel Alignment.
  • Power Windows.
  • Brake Pedals.
  • Driveshaft.
  • Electrical Issues.

Is Peugeot 308 discontinued?

The Peugeot 308 is skipping a model year, with a scheduled update axed due to a semiconductor shortage. Its replacement is still scheduled for a 2022 launch.

Does Peugeot 308 have Turbo?

The petrol engine choices are Peugeot’s 1.2 PureTech turbo three-cylinder and 1.6 PureTech four cylinder. The range now kicks off with a 108bhp turbo PureTech 110, which manages 0-62mph in 11.1 seconds, has a top speed of 117mph and offers 205Nm of torque delivered from just 1,500rpm.

When should the timing belt be changed on a Peugeot 308 Diesel?

It seems to vary with the engine, and whether (if a diesel) it has a DPF or not. So the suggested intervals are from 50k miles/4 years, all the way up to 120k miles/9 years.

How often should I service my Peugeot 308?

every twelve months
We recommend as a minimum that you have your Peugeot 308 fully serviced every twelve months (or 12,000 miles). This runs through everything from oil changes to electrical safety checks, and keeps everything working smoothly – so that you can get to where you’re going, whenever you need to get there.

Why are Peugeot so cheap?

The main reason for their dependability is down to the fact that they make affordable cars that avoid any expensive and complex technology that can lower reliability. They are also affordable when it comes to repair costs. When it comes to their rivals, they fare well, particularly with their smaller cars.

Are Peugeot cars expensive to repair?

Peugeot and Toyota cars have been identified as the most expensive to repair, according to internal data from Despite having two models in the top of their categories, Peugeot sits eight overall in the list of most expensive cars on average when compared to all car brands.

Is the Peugeot 308 CC a coupe or cabriolet?

The 308 CC continues the Peuget family styling while using all the coupé-cabriolet expertise they have built up over the years. With its four seats it offers practical family motoring although space in the back is limited. It certainly offers more space than the 207CC whose rear seats are practical only for a couple of bags of shopping.

When did Peugeot 308 retractable hardtop come out?

A cabriolet with a retractable hardtop known as the 308 CC replaced the Peugeot 307 CC in the spring of 2009. The roof folds into the boot in 20 seconds, and at up to speeds of 7.5 mph (12.1 km/h). With the roof up the boot space capacity is 465 litres but this reduces to 266 litres with the roof down.

How much horsepower does a Peugeot 308 GTI have?

The Peugeot 308 GTI by Peugeot Sport featured engines producing 250 hp (186 kW) and 270 hp (201 kW). The 250 hp version had full LED headlights, an electronic limited slip differential, 18″ alloys, keyless entry, stop/start technology, 11 mm lowered ride height, a coloured reversing camera and twin exhausts.

When did the second generation Peugeot 308 come out?

The second generation 308 was unveiled on 13th May 2013, with updated style along with the 508 and the 208. Peugeot changed its numbering system where the final digit is fixed: 8 for the mainstream range, and 1 for the models aimed at emerging countries, such as the Peugeot 301.