Is there a Freedom of Information Act in Scotland?

Is there a Freedom of Information Act in Scotland?

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) is an Act of the Scottish Parliament which gives everyone the right to ask for any information held by Scottish public authorities including NRS. The GDPR gives individuals a right to access information held about them.

Who is the NHS Scotland pension provider?

Scottish Public Pensions Agency
These schemes are administered by the Scottish Public Pensions Agency on behalf of Scottish Ministers and SPPA is also responsible for scheme regulations and for all the administrative tasks required to serve over 175,000 active members, more than 62,000 deferred members and over 100,000 NHS pensioners and dependants …

How does the NHS Scotland pension work?

How the scheme works. The NHS 2015 Scheme is a Career Average Re-valued Earnings (CARE) scheme which allows you to accumulate 1/54th of your pensionable earnings each year you’re employed by the NHS. That amount is then revalued each year until you retire using the Consumer Price Index plus 1.5%.

How do I get a Freedom of Information request in Scotland?

EMAIL: You can submit a request for information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act by email to [email protected]….How to ask for information

  1. What information we publish or intend to publish.
  2. How we make the information available.
  3. Whether you have to pay for it.

Who may request information?

The Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) gives the right to request access to government records to any person for any reason, whether the person is a U.S. citizen or a foreign national. Requests can be made in the name of an individual or an organization (including a corporation, partnership, or public interest group).

Who enforces the Freedom of Information Act in Scotland?

the Scottish Information Commissioner
The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 is enforced by the Scottish Information Commissioner. Enquirers should note the Scottish Information Commissioner’s remit is limited to Scottish public authorities as defined by Section 3 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

What happens to your NHS pension if you leave the NHS?

If you decide to retire from the NHS Pension Scheme when on a break in service, your pension will be based on your pensionable earnings at the time you left the scheme and will then increase with inflation. You will not have final salary linking.

When can I retire from NHS Scotland?

2015 / CARE Scheme *** Normal pension age is equal to State Pension age or 65 years, whichever is later. If you hold Special Class or Mental Health Officer status and choose to retire before age 55, your benefits will be reduced as if your normal pension age was 60.

How much is NHS Scotland pension?

Your employer contributes an amount equal to 20.9% of your pensionable pay into the scheme on your behalf….Your NHS pension contributions.

Whole time pensionable pay Percentage contribution 2020-2021
£20,606 to £24,972 5.8%
£24,973 to £31,648 7.3%
£31,649 to £64,094 9.5%

Can you make a Freedom of Information request anonymously?

Generally, you are not required to provide your name to the Commission when making an inquiry or application under the FOI Act or Privacy Act. For example, you may choose to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym.

Can anyone file a FOIA request?

Any person can file a FOIA request, including U.S. citizens, foreign nationals, organizations, universities, businesses, and state and local governments. Federal employees may not use government time or equipment when requesting information under the FOIA.

Are there any NHS pension schemes in Scotland?

About NHS pensions in Scotland There are currently two pension schemes in operation for NHS employees in Scotland and some members have benefits in more than one of these schemes. Both arrangements are defined benefit, statutory occupational pension schemes.

As a public sector body, we publish extensive information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. Read about the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and how to make a request .

When did the NHS superannuation scheme in Scotland close?

NHS Superannuation Scheme (Scotland) The NHS Superannuation Scheme (Scotland) closed to new members on 31 March 2015 and has two sections known as the 1995 Section and the 2008 Section. Benefits in the scheme are worked out on a final salary basis and members receive a pension based on their membership and final pensionable pay.

What was the ruling on the judicial pension scheme?

This ruling found the protections included in the 2015 CARE reforms unlawfully discriminated against younger members of the Judicial and Firefighters’ pension schemes, as transitional protection was only offered to older scheme members. NHS Scheme FAQs What pension scheme will individuals be a member of from 1 April 2022?