Is there a studio 41 in Chicago IL?

Is there a studio 41 in Chicago IL?

“ Studio 41 has a great selection of products – many on display – making the decision process that much easier. ” in 42 reviews and architects. We welcome your business, no matter how large or small your project, whether you

Who is the owner of studio41 interiors?

630) 357-1320 Studio41 is a division of Logan Square Aluminum Supply, Inc. in Chicago, IL, the company founded by immigrant Isaac Silver over 40 years ago and still privately owned.

What are the boxes made of at studio41?

The boxes are made of thin layers of plywood/mdf/cardboard. We are missing bottom cabinet frames and it is difficult to discern from my order what spacers are placed and if they are included in the order.

What kind of cabinets are at Studio 41?

Thank you Val, Drew of Omega Cabinets, Furniture Medic and Studio 41 for righting a wrong inflicted by a really bad contractor. Omega pinnacle white cabinets for wall cabinets. Interior stained. Just horribly expensive mistake. I wanted solid wood kitchen cabinets for my kitchen remodel.

Where can I buy studio41 home design showroom?

I purchased quite a bit from their Naperville location, but when a part didn’t come in on time (and the contractor needed to be done with the job), I drove out to this location to pick it up.

How many stars does studio41 have on Yelp?

Studio41 Home Design Showroom has 3.5 stars. What days are Studio41 Home Design Showroom open? Studio41 Home Design Showroom is a Yelp advertiser.

Who is Ben from studio41 home design showroom?

Learn more. Start your review of Studio41 Home Design Showroom. I just got off the phone after talking to a super nice salesman named Ben who was very patient and knowledgable. He listened to what I was looking for- starting with knowing that I wanted a Toto toilet. He helped track down just what I was looking for and reserve it.