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Is there a water damage indicator on the iPhone 6?

Is there a water damage indicator on the iPhone 6?

For the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus it is in the sim card tray slot. For the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s, it is in the sim card tray slot. The water damage indicator is a little white tab which turns red when it is wet enough to damage your device. If this has turned red, it is likely that your phone has a problem.

Can an iPhone 6s plus be fixed after water damage?

If your iPhone 6 Plus comes into contact with a significant amount of liquid, you are going to need water damage repair. All iPhone 6 Plus water damage repairs are backed by a 90-day warranty so you can rest assured your phone will keep working.

How much does it cost to fix a water damaged iPhone 6 Plus?

Average Water-Damage Repair Costs:

iPhone Model Average Repair Cost
iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s & 6s Plus $79.00
iPhone 7, 7 Plus $95.00
iPhone 8 & 8 Plus $105.00
iPhone X, XR, XS & XS Max $249.00 – $299.00

What to do if iPhone 6 Plus fell in water?

What to do if you drop your iPhone in water

  1. Turn it off immediately. Power off your iPhone as soon as possible.
  2. Take your iPhone out of the case. Take your iPhone out of its case to make sure it’s totally dry.
  3. Ease liquid out of the ports.
  4. Remove your SIM card.
  5. Wait for your iPhone to dry.

How do I check for water damage on iPhone 6?

You can tell if your iPhone has water damage by removing the SIM tray and looking for a red color inside the SIM card slot. If it’s red, that means the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) has been activated and there is water damage. It should appear white or silver if there is no damage.

Can you fix a wet iPhone 6?

You can also try compressed air or a blow dryer on cool. Try to blow so that you don’t shoot water back into the iPhone. You can also try using a wet/dry vacuum to suck the water out. If you want to go the extra mile, you can try taking your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s apart.

Will water damage on iPhone go away?

If your iPhone or iPad was fully submerged in water for any length of time, there is no guaranteed fix for water damage. There are a few things you can try, but don’t get your hopes up. If your device has just been splashed, then chances are water hasn’t gotten inside, but play it safe and follow these steps anyway.

What are signs of water damage on a phone?

It is found either next to the SIM slot in an iPhone or under the battery in an Android….How to Tell if Your Phone is Water Damaged

  • Sound including phone calls and music will sound distorted.
  • Static in your sound when connecting headphones.
  • Inability to charge.
  • Dark display screen or distorted picture.

What are the signs of water damage on an iPhone?

What can you do if your iPhone has water damage?

What To Do When Your iPhone Gets Water-Damaged

  1. Remove The Liquid From The Outside Of Your iPhone.
  2. Remove The SIM Card.
  3. Lay Your iPhone On A Flat Surface In A Dry Location.
  4. Set Desiccants On Top Of Your iPhone.
  5. Wait For The Water To Evaporate.
  6. Try Turning Your iPhone Back On.
  7. Back Up Your iPhone, If You Can.

How do you check water damage on an iPhone 6?

Unlike it’s predecessors the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus only have 1 internal water damage indicator/sensor. This sticker is on the logic board, at the top in the middle; right below the front display/screen. In the pictures it is white, if you had water damage “officially” it would be red/pink.

Does Apple fix water damaged iPhone 6?

The Apple warranty does not cover water damage. Therefore, you have only two choices. You can get a new one or get your phone repaired. By attempting to repair your iPhone 6 water damage rather than just assuming you’ve got to replace it, you’ll have the information you need to decide which way to go.

Can iPhone 6 survive a quick dip on the water?

Although Apple might still be at least a generation away from a waterproof smartphone, warranty service provider SquareTrade has found that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus could actually survive for at least a short amount of time when fully submerged in water. After 10 seconds underwater, SquareTrade removed the phones.

How does water damage your iPhone?

Water and other liquids are hazardous to your Apple iPhone. Moisture can damage internal components and render your phone useless. The iPhone contains integrated liquid indicators that inform you when the device has been exposed to moisture from a liquid spilt in or on the phone.