Is there an online roleplaying game called Illarion?

Is there an online roleplaying game called Illarion?

llarion is an online game where genuine roleplay is enforced. The main design principle is a focus on the interaction with other players. All the player characters you will encounter during your time here are living, breathing inhabitants of the mysterious world of Illarion.

What did Illarion Vorontsov do in Central Asia?

Illarion Vorontsov was born on 27 May 1837 in St. Petersburg. He took part in the conquest of Central Asia in the 1860s and was appointed Major General in 1866. He was in charge of the Hussar regiment of the Leub Guard in 1867–74.

Where did Illarion Pryanishnikov live most of his life?

Although Pryanishnikov lived in mainly in Moscow, he often visited the Russian north where he sketched. He took part in the decoration of the original Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which was demolished in 1931. Pryanishnikov died in Moscow where one of the streets was named after him.

Who are the descendants of Illarion Vorontsov Dashkov?

He married in 1867 Countess Elizaveta Andreevna Shuvalova, daughter of Count Andrei Petrovich Shuvalov. His youngest son Alexander’s descendants represent the only continuation of the Vorontsov family in the male line.

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