How to lose weight fast

Nobody wants to be overweight. Aching joints, obesity, heart, fatty liver, shortness of breath, a metabolic disorder – apparently not included in the plans for each of us. Everyone wants to be young, slim, with toned figure and good health. Nobody wants to be overweight. Aching joints, obesity, heart, fatty liver, shortness of breath, a metabolic disorder – apparently not included in the plans for each of us. Everyone wants to be young, slim, with toned figure and good health.

So, you want to lose Weight Fast ? Actually, I do not accept last-minute weight loss, because the faster you lose weight, the more unstable will be the result. But as there is a solution of every problem in the world, so we have a solution for this problem of many people who are looking for a perfect weight losing program. For this purpose you just have to make sure you will work really hard to practice what we are about to tell you.


  • Eliminate processed foods from your diet. We are talking about ordinary foods like pasta. This includes chips, cola, all canned foods, fruit drinks and juices. All this refined, anywhere worthless food. In the interest of long-term storage of these products are added too many things that are absolutely prevent losing weight. For example, glycerol or nitrate. All that you are allowed to buy in the supermarket – it is rice, beans and oatmeal.
  • Less carbohydrates. Dramatically reduce the daily intake of carbohydrates! This will result in the loss of body fluids, and you will lose a significant amount of weight. This shock method is only suitable for single use. If you take in head and continue to sit on a low-carb diet , you run the risk of harming yourself. Organism, puzzled energy deficit for the sake of economy of effort fall into lethargy. Drowsiness, fatigue depression – that’s what awaits you. Another thing is that at least a little bit of rice and oatmeal is necessary. Otherwise, where to get the energy to exercise for losing weight fast?
  • Constantly changing caloric intake. Need to worry about the calculations, but it’s worth it. Pick up a guide energy-intensive products and calculate the calories of your diet. Adding or subtracting meals, eat on a “zigzag”. For example, three consecutive days, eat 1500 calories divided by 4 eating. Then lift up to 1900 calories calories. – only 1 day. And then again back to 1500 calories – even for 3 days. The basic formula is: “step” of such a zig-zag “diet should be 300-500 calories, no more and no less. If you feel absolutely exhausted, broken and sluggish, try to reduce the number of “hungry” days in the cycle to two.
  • Less salty! The proven way to lose weight quickly – is expelled from the body excess water. Water is delayed due to sodium, which means that you need to eat less salt. More precisely, it is not! It is not just about pickles or herring. Salt in a lot of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, sauces and dressings. Besides sodium compound is added in many products for preservation effect. For example, in the chips. Carefully read the labels: foods containing sodium, you basically do not fit. Houses do not salt anything! Complete elimination of salt in the diet “will carry” up to four extra pounds.
  • Fat burning soup. In pursuit of the lowest possible weight, women resort to all kinds of ways to lose weight. Some are beginning to actively engage in sports, others study dietary rations. Effective method in the fight against excess weight may be fat-burning soup on the basis of the onion, which in addition to its dietary properties, helps to cleanse the body of toxins.
  • Cabbage soup. This diet can help to lose a few pounds in a week.
  • This diet is rich in fiber and consists of products that are low in fat.
  • Basically you need to have some kind of soup of cabbage, but you can add moderate portions of certain fruits and vegetables, sometimes – meat and rice, at least four glasses of water and a multivitamin every day.
  • Diet designed for seven days and are not recommended for long term use due to lack of nutrients.
  • Drink more! Excess water – stress to the body. The more you drink, the more stress hormones secreted by your adrenal glands. But just these hormones are “fat burning.” So that the water – it is absolutely indispensable feature in the fight for weight loss. But it’s not only that. The more protein you eat, the more you need to drink. Increase the usual daily rate, at least 2.5 liters. Try to drink six to eight glasses of water before, during and after exercise, as well as in the morning as you wake up in the middle of the day (total of 10 cups). Remember: you need pure and boiled water!


  • Lateral jumps. Draw a line on the floor (or mark it with a rope), fall into a low squat and jump from place exactly sideways. If at home, just jump in sneakers! Not in socks and slippers in! Make 30-40 jumping to one side, then the other. As for aerobics, you need a special – Kick-aerobics, tai-bo and stuff. And indeed it would be helpful to you to do martial arts.
  • Static Stretching. The safest, most effective and popular form of stretching . First pull the muscle a little, make sure it is not strained, then stretch out again and again – to the limit. In this position, pause for 10 seconds.
  • Passive Stretching. This stretching with the help of others. You as relaxing muscles and partner gently removes the limb, stretching muscles and ligaments.
  • Dynamic Stretching. At one time, twenty years ago, this stretch was all the rage. All enthusiastically waved their arms and legs, trying to account for the moment of inertia to maximize the range of motion. It soon turned out that this method is extremely dangerous. It leads to injury.

Exercise for weight loss at home – that will need:

  • Disassembled dumbbells, weight can be changed in the range of 3-16 kg.
  • Narrow with a spring upholstered bench.
  • Special floor mat for practicing.
  • A convenient form of “breathing” natural fabric.
  • Comfortable sports shoes.
  • Water aerobics . Water aerobics – a special kind of fitness, which takes you from the stuffy gym in a nice pool water. This type of exercise has lots of advantages when scanty contraindications. It can work for everyone who wants to lose weight, boost your energy levels to get rid of cellulite in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, including those with contraindications to conventional loads and pregnant women.
  • Aqua aerobics exercises. Water aerobics can be practiced in a group, under the guidance of a coach, but you can try to combine studies with routine swim in the pool. It is important to choose the right exercises that toned body and strengthen the muscles in those areas where it is necessary for you.
  • Running. The most affordable all exercise – a simple running, which can be performed either standing still or moving around the pool. Hands while running in the water aerobics, too, need to move rapidly, raise the legs as high as possible. This ensures the complex load on the abdominals, thighs and buttocks.
  • The load on the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. If you do this exercise “on the land”, it is also characterized by high efficiency, but in the water legs to overcome the power of water pressure, so the results will be visible earlier. Stand thus to obtain a support in front – it can be a side or handrails. Rear space should be free. Stand straight and allot one leg without bending it, to the side, trying to straighten it parallel to the floor, then return to starting position. Then, the same back. Do exercise alternating each leg, making it ten times in three sets. Excellent exercise strengthens muscles of the buttocks and thighs.
  • The load on the press. Hold the handrails or lean on the ledge in front, then slowly try to plant both feet to the side, keeping the balance and returning to the starting position. Lean on the rail, standing with his back to them, the legs are brought together and slowly raise them, straightening parallel to the floor. Perform ten to twenty times.

These simple exercises aqua aerobics will allow you to spend time in the pool with a good, strengthen your muscles and lose weight if you do them regularly.

Any exercise, including exercises for weight loss in a home, must begin with a warm-up. The purpose of the warm-up – warm up the muscles and make them work, otherwise you may be injured and instead of losing weight will be a long time to heal that injury. Start exercise for weight loss with a five-minute run in place or walk, raising the knees, then follow the slopes – right, left, forward, backward, with the maximum speed for 3 minutes on each side. Complete home workout exercises on hand – within 5-7 minutes, rotate the shoulders, elbows, brushes that simulate swimming breaststroke and crawl. Believe me, these simple exercises for weight loss does not mean anything less than the complex itself.



It immediately eliminates the extra pounds form the body and a fast way to lose weight.. Liposuction – a surgical procedure for the rapid, targeted weight loss is usually recommended for those who have fat accumulates in one or two specific areas of the body.

This surgical procedure carries a risk to health and should be done only by a qualified technician.

Want to lose Weight Fast? Conclusion!

All these tricks will help you to quickly get rid of extra pounds. However, if you resort to these “forbidden tricks” often, they could lead to the opposite results. Since your calorie diet below normal, the metabolic rate slows down. And along with it stops fat metabolism, in other words, “fat burning.” There could be as many do not exercise, do not reset grams!

And another thing. If you pull more than 0.5 kg per week, along with the fat will inevitably lose muscle mass. Well, the less muscle you have, the more fat! The secret is that the muscles are actively consume calories. If you reduce muscle mass, and calories, it turns out you have less than usual. It turns out that over time, you should have less. However, the reduction in calories, as you already know, the metabolism slows down.