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Strategies for Book Review Writing

The future is an open book

  1. Start with a couple of phrases explaining exactly what the chosen book is mostly about.

Nevertheless, make it without providing any spoilers regarding plot twists. As a basic guideline, avoid writing a review in details about something that takes place in the middle of the book. If the book is the part from series, it may be beneficial to mention this fact, and whether you think you would need to read other books in the series to take pleasure from this one.

  1. Discuss what you especially like in regards to the chosen book.

Concentrate on your thinking and thoughts concerning the whole story plus the way it was told. At this stage, do not think like “how to do a review.” You can attempt answering a couple of questions such as:

  • Who is the favorite character for you and the reason why?
  • Can you imagine characters in real life?
  • What is your favorite book’s part and why?
  • Does the book make you cry or laugh?

If you feel that you cannot cope with the review assignment, you should ask for help. Review writing may turn out to be quite difficult sometimes.

  1. State what you dislike in the book.

Explore the reason why you do not like it. For instance:

  • Do you find it hard to care about a protagonist? Can you explain why?
  • Is the story too scary to like it? Perhaps, it is targeted at the topic you are not interested in?

In case, you think that it is a bit difficult to answer all these endless questions, address to the best writing service. Reviews composing can become easier if done by professionals in this field.

  1. Finish your review.

Summarize several thoughts regarding the book by means of suggesting the type of audience you would recommend the chosen book to. For instance, older or younger readers, fans of drama/mystery/comedy. When writing review papers, do not forget to do it thoroughly. More info could be found here: