The most dangerous jobs

The work will have everything. Well, almost everything. There are exceptions, but now we are not talking about them. Work is required, and therefore it is necessary to think of it? How to choose a profession if you cannot live without the adrenaline? On the other hand, vice versa someone simply not worth working when most value of peace, stability, security sterile office microcosm? This – in our article.

Especially for you, dear applicants, students and have five minutes to future professionals, we offer a list of the most dangerous occupations. They do not stir any professionals, but also in any case do not discourage. In addition, note the dangers at work – you must, so the article is highly recommended for reading.


So are the most dangerous professions in the world.


The noble profession and very risky. The world, despite the rapid progress and attempts to create alternative energy sources, continue to mercilessly burn coal. Thus, demands are increasing and all the energy is needed more. This explains the miners to expose themselves to the danger, extract and other minerals. Machines cannot yet completely replace the people in this job, and coal in our century is enough. So, also let us work!


Builders often risk their lives, in particular – working at high altitude. Neglecting the most elementary safety rules can lead to tragedy.


Despite the efforts of the “green”, further forests cleared. Wood – the most important renewable resource, their use simply cannot reject. On the one hand, the work is not bad – the forest, the fresh air. On the other hand – around heavy machinery and huge trees that just gape down and fall.

Industry anglers

Before you buy frozen fish and cook their delicious home, tail men in the open sea, sweating and fighting in the heart of the storm with the wind, you should catch it. For this work, you need to have an iron health because it is easy on – a piece of cake. In addition, fly overboard to fish with a strong roll is possible.


These journalists often risk their lives to convey to those who see in the evening news, or listen to radio “Freedom,” the most sincere and objective information. Through the nature of the activity of journalists in the hot spots have been and communicate, not only with the leaders of the countries at press conferences, but also with the big crime bosses. The public and the authorities to be attacked can kidnap the journalist – it is true how you know how it is not everything.


Nine Volt – normal voltage batteries such as “crown”. With their love, even children to play. Nevertheless, deal with stress in the thousands and tens of thousands of Volt and even in all weather conditions are not everyone’s thing. At the same time, it is important to know which cable to connect where, for what can be grasped, and for – in any case.


Dentist is a dangerous profession viewed for the simple reason that the probability of something from a patient contract is very high.

The danger is everywhere. Teacher – emotional burnout in athletes – professional injuries. Of course, we have not forgotten our brave police officers, firefighters and saviors, in the interest of exposing the lives of other people in danger.

Finally, consult our experienced experience of the authors. The danger is not necessary to forget, but to think it all the time – useless. Much more important – choose a profession “in itself” and do not be afraid to get valuable experiences.

Take care of yourself, take care of yourself, and do not forget to observe safety precautions.