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What age is Cassie from Clyde 1?

What age is Cassie from Clyde 1?

RADIO presenter Cassi Gillespie admitted she “became complacent” after being traced by coronavirus trackers. The Clyde 1 star and her boyfriend started 14 days of self-isolation on Sunday after coming into contact with a positive Covid-19 case. The 32-year-old now has her “fingers crossed” she doesn’t have the virus.

What is the Clyde 1 Number?

There are a number of ways to get in touch. Contact us by phone on 0141 204 1025.

Has Gary Spence left capital?

Capital Scotland drivetime presenter Garry Spence is leaving the station after more than a decade to join commercial rival Clyde 1. Bauer says Garry will take over Clyde 1’s 4-6pm Home Run show from early 2020.

How long has George Bowie been on Clyde?

Everybody knows everything about me I live my life on the air and tell everybody everything. Doesn’t always go down well with the family but hey-ho! I’ve worked at Clyde since 1988 and presented the Breakfast show for over 20 years!

Why is Cassi not on Bowie at breakfast?

An award-winning DJ walked out in the middle of a live show yesterday after his radio station apologised for comments he made on air. George Bowie, the breakfast presenter with Clyde 1 in Glasgow, left during the early morning programme to have a meeting with management.

How do I send a message to Clyde 1?

For general enquiries please email [email protected]

What number is Clyde 2?

Clyde 2 broadcasts on the medium wave on a frequency of 1152 kHz (equivalent wavelength: 261m), and on DAB in stereo. In the Oban area, Clyde 2 is carried on the 103.3 FM frequency as Oban FM’s sustaining service during non-broadcasting hours.

Where is Gary Spence from?

Laramie, Wyoming

Gerry Spence
Born January 8, 1929 Laramie, Wyoming
Education University of Wyoming (BSL, LLB)
Occupation Lawyer

What happened to Des Clarke on Capital Radio?

He left Capital Breakfast after Global Radio announced that Heart, Capital, and Smooth would be moving to all National Breakfast shows. In March 2019, it was announced that Clarke would be moving to Heart Scotland as part of a reshuffle at Global Radio.

What age is George Bowie?

About 53 years (1968)
George Bowie/Age

Who started Radio Clyde?

Jimmy Gordon
The founder of Radio Clyde, Jimmy Gordon has passed away at the age of 83 due to coronavirus.

How many listeners does Clyde 1 have?

Clyde 1 now reaches 585,000 weekly listeners – an increase of 44,000 on the same period in 2019 – while Forth 1 has grown 22,000 per week to 296,000.

Where can I listen to Clyde 1 Superscoreboard?

If you’ve missed a show you can catch up here and listen again to the top team talking about the football topics YOU want to talk about. Visit the Clyde 1 Superscoreboard hub for the latest football news and listen again to the show.

When is the Football Show on Clyde 1?

Tune in weeknights from 6-8pm and Saturday afternoons on Clyde 1 to have your say on Scottish Football AND for all the big match action. If you’ve missed a show you can catch up here and listen again to the top team talking about the football topics YOU want to talk about.

Where does the Clyde 1 sign come from?

Logo used since 2015 City Glasgow Broadcast area Glasgow and West Central Scotland Frequency FM: 97.0, 102.3, 102.5, 103.3 MHz DAB: 1 RDS CLYDE1

When was Clyde 1 launched in the UK?

It was launched in 31 December 1973 and its contents include the contemporary music hits. Q Presents The Making of…