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What are family Bible records?

What are family Bible records?

Family Bibles are Bibles passed down from one generation of relatives to the next. In some cases, such as the 1856 version held by the Hardison family, the Bible had pages dedicated to recording important events. In others, the inside covers or page margins were used to document births, deaths, and marriages.

How do I find old family Bibles?

Ways to Find Family Bibles

  1. Ask your relatives—all of ’em.
  2. Place queries in magazines and on genealogy Internet sites.
  3. Search the Internet.
  4. Look on eBay.
  5. Check research repositories in the locality where your ancestors lived.
  6. Check research repositories known for collecting Bible records.
  7. Try the Family History Library.

What are Bible records?

This group consists of copies of family information pages from privately held Bibles. These Bible entries are arranged alphabetically by family surname.

How old is the family Bible?

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What do you put in a family Bible?

Bibles often have items neatly tucked between the pages. Look for newspaper clippings of anniversaries and obituaries; funeral cards; pressed flowers; bookmarks; a marriage license; photos; letters, cards; and handwritten notes on scraps of paper.

How do family Bibles work?

A family Bible is a Bible handed down through a Christian family, with each successive generation recording information about the family’s history inside of it. People sometimes may place other items, such as holy cards, certificates, letters, newspaper cuttings and photographs, inside a Family Bible.

Where is the family Bible at?

Family Bibles are often placed on a family’s home altar, being regularly used for family prayer.

What can you do with your family Bible?

Donate it.

  • Churches, who may in turn donate the book to the needy.
  • Libraries, who may offer the book for checking out or sell it in a fundraiser.
  • Thrift stores, who can offer the book for relatively cheap to someone who may need it.
  • Christian homeless shelters, many of which offer prayer groups and bible study classes.

How do you write a family history book?

Tips to Create Family History Books

  1. #1. Convey an overall theme.
  2. #2. Make it readable in one sitting.
  3. #3. Fill it with the best of what you have.
  4. #4. Pack it with photos and graphics.
  5. #5. Keep it in chronological order.
  6. #6. Choose quality!

Who kept the family Bible?

The family Bibles were usually handed down to the oldest (or only) girl in a family, as women were considered the record keepers of family information in generations from the 1700s and 1800s.

What are old Bibles worth?

In general, a Bible published from around 1820 – 2000 almost certainly has little or no value. Because Bibles published in that time period are so common today, they are easy to obtain. When a book is easy to obtain and plentiful, it’s not rare, and most times, not very valuable.

What does God say about siblings?

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Where can I Find my Family Bible online?

Bible Records Online is a site dedicated to transcribing and digitizing the contents of family records that were written inside family Bibles and in other important documents from as early as the 1500s through today. Often, these were the only written records of births, marriages and deaths of a family,…

Where can I find Bible records for my state?

Below you will find links to Bible Records topic pages for each state, which contains online resources specific to the state. Other places to look for Bible Record Collections. Family records: Check home sources by reaching out to older members of the family asking if they know of any Family Bibles and who might have it in their possession.

How are Family Records recorded in the Bible?

Many families have traditionally recorded births, marriages, and deaths in a family bible, family record book, or book of remembrance. A bible was often given by relatives to a bride as a wedding gift, where she recorded information about her immediate family and close relatives. Relationships were seldom stated but were often implied.

What are the names of people in the Bible?

Names of parents, children, and their spouses, including maiden names, were frequently given along with dates of birth, marriage, and death. Sometimes the age of a person was given at the time of death. Many families kept bible records from the 1700s (and sometimes earlier) to more recent times, although few have survived.