What are the basic skills of the badminton?

What are the basic skills of the badminton?

Here are nine basic skills you need to learn to play Badminton:

  • Knowing how to warm up properly.
  • The basic forehand and backhand grip.
  • The basic six corners footwork.
  • The split step or the ready stance.
  • The basic shots.
  • Perception and anticipation.
  • Hand-eye coordination.
  • Rhythm and timing.

Why basic skills in badminton is important?

The reason that it’s that essential to learn is the right footwork can give you an upper hand on the opponent as it will make the game easier so that you can cover more areas of the court, change directions swiftly and reduce the chances of knee injuries or sprains.

What are the 10 rules of badminton?

The 10 rules of badminton are as follows:

  • A game starts with a coin toss.
  • At no time during the game should the player touch the net, with his racquet or his body.
  • The shuttlecock should not be carried on or come to rest on the racquet.
  • A player should not reach over the net to hit the shuttlecock.

What are the 6 basic skills in badminton?

7 Basic Badminton Skills You Can Learn Without Coaching

  • Grip.
  • Stance.
  • Footwork.
  • Serve.
  • Smash.
  • Drop Shot.
  • Clear or Lob.

What are the 5 basic skills in badminton?

The 5 Basic Badminton Skills (With Examples, Videos and Images)

  • Grip.
  • Serve.
  • Footwork.
  • Stance.
  • Stroke.

What are the five rules of badminton?


  • A match consists of the best of three games of 21 points.
  • The player/pair winning a rally adds a point to its score.
  • At 20-all, the player/pair which first gains a 2-point lead wins that game.
  • At 29-all, the side scoring the 30th point wins that game.
  • The player/pair winning a game serves first in the next game.

What are three badminton rules?


  • A player must wait until his opponent is ready before serving.
  • The feet of both players must remain in a stationary position until the serve is made.
  • It is not a fault if you miss the shuttle while serving.
  • The shuttle cannot be caught and slung with the racket.

What is the most difficult skill in badminton?

The backhand clear is considered by most players and coaches to be the most difficult basic stroke in the game, since precise technique is needed in order to muster enough power for the shuttlecock to travel the full length of the court.

What are rules for badminton?

Badminton scoring system The first side to 21 points wins a game. A point is scored on every serve and awarded to whichever side wins the rally. The winning side gets the next serve. If the score is 20-20, a side must win by two clear points to win the game.

What are the new rules of badminton?

What is the new serving rule? According to the new rule, “the whole of the shuttle shall be below 1.15 metres from the surface of the court at the instant of being hit by the server’s racket”. Basically, the point of contact at the start of the serve cannot be more than 1.15 meters from the court.

What is the disadvantages of playing badminton?

There are also disadvantages to playing badminton. Sports injuries are inevitable once you play more….Typical badminton injuries are:

  • Sprained Ankle.
  • Achilles Tendonitis.
  • Tennis Elbow.
  • Rotator Cuff Injury.
  • Patella Tendonitis.
  • etc.

What stroke is difficult in badminton?

The badminton smash is considered the most powerful shot in badminton and is usually played on the forehand. It is often difficult to return because of the pace and the downward angle of the shot, think of it as a downwards drive.

What are 5 skills of badminton?

Fundamental Skills & Rules in Badminton Grip. You will want to learn how to hold your racket with the forehand to hit shuttles on that side of your body and backhand to hit on the opposite Footwork. Your footwork can bring more success to your game if you learn the basics of moving on the court and practice them. Serving. Scoring. Singles. Doubles. Additional Rules.

What are the basic techniques in badminton?

– Serve ~ The first swing that starts the rally – Front Court ~ Near the net – Mid Court ~ The center of the court or the sides of the center e.g side defend – Rear Court ~ The techniques executed furthest away from the net, also known as baseline

What skills are required to play badminton?

15 Skills Needed to be a Good Badminton Player Form and technique. The game ultimately boils down to the serves, swings, strokes, footwork, as well as stances. Focus. Like any valuable endeavor in life, this game requires focus to excel in it. Concentration. Stamina. Speed. Agility. Footwork. Strategy. Knowing your Opponent. Strength.

What are the strategies used in badminton?

Lob Badminton Overhead Clear Trajectory Badminton Underarm Clear Trajectory A clear or lob can be performed using an overhead or underarm stroke.

  • Badminton Drop Shot Badminton Drop Shot Trajectory A drop shot is a very good weapon to keep the tempo of the game going.
  • Badminton Smash