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What are the features of the ATmega328P microcontroller?

What are the features of the ATmega328P microcontroller?

ATmega328P is one of the high performances AVR technology microcontroller with a large number of pins and features. It is designed by 8-bit CMOS technology and RSIC CPU which enhance its performance and its power efficiency get improved by auto sleeps and internal temperature sensor.

How is the AREF pin used in ATmega328P?

To measure it by any other power input or by the power of analog signal generating device, an analog voltage reference AREF will be used. This pin will detect the maximum value of the analog signal and then it will be able to give the proper output. AREF pin in ATmega328P is:

What kind of microcontroller is Atmel 7810d?

ATmega328P [DATASHEET] 7810D–AVR–01/15 6 2. Overview The Atmel® ATmega328P is a low-power CMOS 8-bit microcontroller based on the AVR® enhanced RISC architecture. By executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, th e ATmega328P achieves throughputs approaching 1MIPS per MHz

How are the pins used in an Atmel microcontroller?

This picture shows the pinout diagram: Othe alternative options for ATMEL microcontrollers are ATtiny45, ATtiny88, ATtiny85 This microcontroller has three digital ports (B, C, D) such as PORTB, PORTC, and PORTD. All these pins can be used as digital input/output. On top of that, each port can be used for other purposes.

Is the Arduino Uno an ATmega328P adapter?

The good news: the Arduino UNO has such an adapter because it uploads sketches to its internal ATmega328P similarly. By the way, the adapter is the square IC above the oscillator and left to the RX/TX LEDs. The bad news: The ATmega328P, which sits on the Arduino UN, disturbs and must be removed. What??? Yes, read correctly.

Where is the crystal oscillator on ATmega328P board?

So we keep it HIGH to make it disabled. Usually, the ATmega328P chip works on a 16MHz crystal oscillator placed on the pins 9 and 10 but in order to make it oscillate it needs two 22Picofarad capacitors connected to the GND.

What does Pu stand for in ATmega328P SMD?

The “PU” describes the design (28 PDIP). The ATmega328P is also available as an SMD. Then you must actually buy an ATmega328 P and not the ATmega328 (without “P”). Both versions are almost identical. The “P” stands for Picopower, which means that the P variant can do more in terms of power management.