What books did Edith Wharton write at The Mount?

What books did Edith Wharton write at The Mount?

Novels & Novellas

  • The Touchstone, 1900.
  • The Valley of Decision, 1902.
  • Sanctuary, 1903.
  • The House of Mirth, 1905.
  • Madame de Treymes, 1906.
  • The Fruit of the Tree, 1907.
  • Ethan Frome, 1911.
  • The Reef, 1912.

What was Edith Wharton’s maiden name?

Edith Newbold Jones
Edith Wharton, née Edith Newbold Jones, (born January 24, 1862, New York, New York, U.S.—died August 11, 1937, Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt, near Paris, France), American author best known for her stories and novels about the upper-class society into which she was born.

Where did Edith Wharton’s wealth come from?

Wharton’s paternal family, the Joneses, were a very wealthy and socially prominent family having made their money in real estate. The saying “keeping up with the Joneses” is said to refer to her father’s family.

Who is Elizabeth Wharton?

Elizabeth was an author, who published two books, “King Lehr” and the Gilded Age (1935) and Turn of the World (1937). Her first novel, published after the death of her second husband, tells the story of her unhappy marriage to Lehr, which was referred to as a “tragic farce” of a 28-year marriage.

What is Edith Wharton’s writing style?

Edith Wharton’s style included the use of subtle dramatic irony. Her writing style is called social realism, a style of the later part of the nineteenth century. It prevailed mostly as a reaction to the romanticism that had taken up most of the century in its grip. Edith Wharton was also a talented designer.

Why did Edith Wharton get divorced?

Her tragic love story, Ethan Frome, was published in 1911 to much success and acclaim. Eventually, Edith and Teddy began living apart, and in 1913, Edith divorced Teddy because of his unstable mental health and acts of adultery. Edith was also guilty of adultery.

Is the narrator in Ethan Frome a man or a woman?

The narrator is an engineer who has come to Starkfield to work at a nearby power plant. He’s an educated, upper-middle-class man who happens to become fascinated by the figure of Ethan Frome, 24 years after the tragic sled ride.

Why did Edith Wharton not have children?

In 1908 Teddy had a nervous breakdown, and then she found out that her husband had taken money from her to support and keep a mistress. In 1912 Edith divorced her husband. She had no children and she never got married again.

What is the style of Ethan Frome?

Ethan Frome Edith Wharton’s writing style is characterized by simplicity and control. Her choice of vocabulary and sentence structure, which is as stark as the lives led by her protagonists, is deceptive.

What caused Edith Wharton to begin writing?

Edith was fascinated with stories and began composing them herself when she was a child; she called the process “making-up.” Her parents did not encourage her writing; however, after Henry Wadsworth Longfellow recommended that several of Edith’s poems be published in the Atlantic Monthly magazine, her parents …

What is considered Edith Wharton’s best book?

First published in 1913, The Custom of the Country is considered by many of Edith Wharton’s fans to be her masterpiece.

Who finds Zeena a hired girl?

Mattie is bewildered, and Ethan is forced to tell her that the doctor has ordered Zeena to get a hired girl, which Mattie realizes would force her to leave. Mattie’s naïveté is striking in contrast to Zeena’s conniving strategies.

Who is the author of the Edith Wharton biography?

Edith Wharton: A Biography (1975) is a biography by the American author and critic R.W.B. Lewis. Relying on exclusive access to materials provided to him by Wharton’s alma mater, Yale, Lewis crafts the definitive biography of the American novelist who, among other achievements, became the first woman to receive the Pulitzer Prize for Literature.

Who was Edith Wharton engaged to in 1882?

In August 1882, she was engaged to Henry Leyden Stevens, but the engagement was broken off by his mother’s opposition, allegedly because Edith was too intellectual. In 1883, she returned to the United States and spent her summer in Maine, where she met Edward (Teddy) Wharton, a banker from Boston.

When did Edith Wharton write House of Mirth?

At The Mount, Wharton wrote The House of Mirth, which Scribner’s serialized over the course of 1905. The printed book was a best seller for months. However, the 1906 New York theatrical adaptation of House of Mirth, co-written by Wharton and Clyde Fitch, proved too controversial and disturbed audiences.

When did Edith Wharton translate the shadow of a doubt?

The Shadow of A Doubt, a three-act play about a social climbing nurse, was to premiere in New York in 1901, but for some reason the production was canceled and the play lost until rediscovered by archivists in 2017. In 1902, she translated the Sudermann play, The Joy of Living. That year, she also moved into their new Berkshire Estate, The Mount.