What can I use for a decoy line?

What can I use for a decoy line?

Commercial decoy anchor cord isn’t expensive, and it’s made tough to resist abrasions and the debilitating effects of gas and oil. A good substitute is 80- to 200-pound-test monofilament fishing line. Braided line is too limp, but heavy mono is rugged and stiff, making it easy to handle in cold weather.

Can you use fishing line for duck decoys?

Take heed, my duck hunting friends. Stock up with decoy line and store it where it can be found when needed. When in need, and all duck hunters will be in need eventually, forgo using braided fishing line as a substitute. Some plans just won’t fall into place.

What is decoy cord made of?

PVC material
Manufactured of superior PVC material, the decoy line has a tensile strength of 1500psi, won’t retain memory and resists tangles when used with the Original Tanglefree decoy anchors and clips. Best of all, this line will not freeze, float, rot, or flare your ducks. This line is can be used with other anchors.

What size crimps for 400 lb mono?

Pound Test: 50 & Smaller lb., 60 – 100 lb., 120 – 150 lb., 175 – 200 lb., 300 lb., 400 lb., 500 lb., 600 lb., 700 lb., 920 lb….Show Product Specs.

Pound Test 400 lb.
Crimp Size E
Max Leader Diameter 1.81 mm

How heavy should decoy weights be?

4 oz is plenty if you are going to be hunting in cover: timber, brush, or even rice fields. But in open water I use 6 oz weights or even some 8 oz. Thats because in open water you are going to be carrying your decoys in the boat and not on your back.

What size crimps for mono?

Standard duty cup-to-cup crimping tools typically accommodate oval sleeves up to 2.2 mm diameter, enough for 300 lb. test monofilament leader. For recreational anglers this should be all you ever need.

What size crimp do I need for 200 lb mono?

Therefore, sleeves are grouped into broader categories, such as 1.3mm sleeves for 150 – 200 lb test mono, 1.6mm sleeves for 220 to 250 lb test mono, etc., etc.

What can I use for decoy weights?

Egg weights work good… You can also take the long wrap around lead weights, cut em in half, drill a hole on it and turn 1 weight into 2…..