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What color is becca Moonstone?

What color is becca Moonstone?

Becca Moonstone is a moderately warm-toned, very light beige with a luminous finish. It is a permanent that retails for $41.00 and contains 1.7 oz.

Which Becca highlighter is best for medium skin?

For medium skin tones, opal, golden, or soft pink are so beautiful like Opal or the Rose Gold shades. For dark skin tones, anything with golden, bronze, or coppery highlights are perfect, like Topaz.”

Is Becca C pop the same as champagne pop?

Rose Quartz: A universally flattering neutral pale pink with soft gold pearl. C Pop (formerly Champagne Pop): Bestselling shade that’s a soft gold with pinky peach undertones.

Is Becca going out of business?

Earlier tihs year, Becca Cosmetics announced it will be going out of business in September. The brand, which debuted in 2001, had success with cult-favorite highlighters in the mid-2010s. The brand has lost touch over the past few years, which makes the announcement less of a surprise.

Are Becca highlighters good?

If we had to pick one makeup product that could elevate your dull-looking skin and impart natural radiance in an instant, it very well would be the makeup highlighter. BECCA is famous for its array of highlighters that deliver a natural, luminous glow, and they have a shade for every skin tone.

Are Becca highlighters glittery?

The highlighter was very smooth and creamy to the touch and it applied pretty easily with a fluffy brush. The downside is that this is a pretty glittery formula on the skin. It isn’t pure glitter but very noticeable sparkle on the skin so it does emphasize some pores on my skin.

Why is Becca being discontinued?

The brand attributed the closure to “an accumulation of challenges, together with the global impact of COVID-19.” Estée Lauder, which bought the company in 2016, made the final decision to shutter the brand, Women’s Wear Daily confirmed.

Why is Becca shutting down?

Estée Lauder’s Becca Cosmetics brand is shutting down, in part due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The brand announced on its website and on Instagram that it will close at the end of September 2021, citing “an accumulation of challenges, together with the global impact of Covid-19.”