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What did Dr Thomas Lecky invent?

What did Dr Thomas Lecky invent?

His research in cattle breeding led to the development of three breeds suited the tropical climate: Jamaica Hope, Jamaica Red, and Jamaica Black. Jamaica Hope was the first breed of cattle indigenous to Jamaica. He is remembered as the Father of the Jamaican Dairy Industry.

Where is Thomas P Lecky from?

Swift River, Jamaica
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When did Lecky die?

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What is a Canasol?

In 1987, following 10 years of research, they created history and were pulled into the international limelight for developing Canasol, a cannabis-derived drug. That research started after Professor West noticed that Jamaican fishermen who used ganja before going out to sea had very good vision.

Who was Thomas Lecky and what did he do?

Fields. Animal husbandry. Thomas Phillip Lecky, known as T.P. Lecky (1904-1994), was a Jamaican scientist who developed several new breeds of cattle. Lecky is known as one of Jamaica ‘s earliest environmentalists, and a strong advocate for conservation of hillsides.

When did Thomas Phillip Lecky publish his autobiography?

Lecky also has several publications to his credit. He published an autobiography in 1994, titled Cattle and I. He also wrote several papers that have been delivered at international conferences.

What kind of cattle did dr.lecky breed?

In the 1950s, Dr. Lecky successfully developed a new breed of dairy cattle –‘Jamaica Hope’, which was a combination of the British Jersey (a small, light-feeding cow), the Holstein (a heavy milk producer cow) and the Indian Sahiwal that was disease-resistant and suited to the warm climate.

How did Thomas Lecky change the dairy industry?

Lecky’s work revolutionized the Jamaican dairy industry, and scientists flocked to Jamaica to see his work. In 1952, Lecky had the Jamaica Hope registered and recognised. Lecky’s work impacted on the development of cattle in many tropical countries.