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What did the cleric do in Dragon Nest?

What did the cleric do in Dragon Nest?

Placed in a brutal boarding school at the behest of his cold and distant father, the Cleric might have become bitter and angry. Instead when he came of age, he entered a monastery of his own free will and learned the disciplines of a highly principled holy man trained to use both mind and body in the service of good.

Which is the tankiest class in Dragon Nest?

The Cleric is one of the tankiest classes in all of Dragon Nest. If you’ve been reading the general class guide you know a few things about them already, but here’s a repeat if you missed it. Clerics are heavily armored, with high HP and defenses.

Can you use a monk as a cleric?

Monks are tight builds and ASI heavy so even that 1 level dip felt a tad painful. good luck in your decision. Never put real thought into it but considering Monk’s secondary stat (arguably primary in some builds) is the same as cleric’s primary, yeah, it could work.

When do you become a priest in Dragon Nest?

Their offhand weapon is a shield, which increases their defense as well as offense. At level 15 they can upgrade into a Priest, a Paladin, or a Monk, with the Monk class not yet being released. Priests can further specialize as either an Inquisitor or a Saint, and Paladins can specialize as a Crusader or a Guardian.

Where do you find guardian of faith in Dragon Nest?

To complete the dungeon, you must safely escort the Guardian of Faith (in the form of a Frost Bullpup) to the end of the dungeon. Once you complete that task, you must face the Dragon Cultist, Jacob, in Marauder’s Lair before you are able to pick your sub class.

What are the spinoff classes in Dragon Nest?

There are also Spinoff classes (Dark Avenger and Silver Hunter with the Heretic/Dark Apostle hero coming soon) that are mentioned further down. Each class has a 2nd job advancement at level 15 and a 3rd job advancement at level 45. These advancements can be accessed through your class’s instructor.