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What do you need to know about Qt style sheets?

What do you need to know about Qt style sheets?

Qt Style Sheets support various properties, pseudo-states, and subcontrols that make it possible to customize the look of widgets.

Where do the arrows go in the Qt style sheet?

By default, the arrows are placed in the center of the Contents rectangle of the add-line subcontrol. The ::sub-line subcontrol can be used to style the button to subtract a line. By default, the sub-line subcontrol is placed in bottom right corner of the Border rectangle of the widget.

How is a qmenu styled in a style sheet?

Individual items of a QMenu are styled using the ‘item’ subcontrol as follows: For a more advanced customization, use a style sheet as follows: QMenuBar is styled as follows: The QProgressBar ‘s border, chunk, and text-align can be customized using style sheets.

How is the color of an item selected in Qt?

The color and background of the selected item is styled using selection-color and selection-background-color respectively. The selection behavior is controlled by the show-decoration-selected property. Use the ::item subcontrol for more fine grained control over the items in the QListView.

When to use yellow as the background color in Qt?

It might be a good idea to change the colors used for selected text as well: There are many situations where we need to present a form that has mandatory fields. To indicate to the user that the field is mandatory, one effective (albeit esthetically dubious) solution is to use yellow as the background color for those fields.

Which is the best color scheme for Qt Creator?

QTcreator obeys your kde-wide configurations. If you choose “obsidian-coast” as the system-wide color scheme qt creator will be all dark as well. I know it is a partial solution but it works. To use with Vim (dark) scheme.

Is there a dark theme in Qt 5.4?

There you can find information that Qt 5.4, also comes with a brand new version of Qt Creator 3.3. Just take a look at official video at Youtube. So, to apply dark theme you need go to “Tools” -> “Options” -> “Environment” -> “General” tab, and there you need to change “Theme”.