What does a plume management kit do?

What does a plume management kit do?

A plume management kit is a simple device that is attached to your existing flue kit. It is essentially an extension of the flue pipe that is used to release the plume gases out at a more convenient direction and height.

How long can a plume kit be?

Flue accessories, such as plume displacement kits and plume deflectors, can be used to point the pluming away from the area that it is likely to cause an issue. At current, a production Baxi, Main or Potterton system or combi boiler with a 60/100mm concentric flue fitted, can be up to a maximum length of 10m.

Can you cut down a Worcester telescopic flue?

Telescopic flue lengths The flue length can be reduced be cutting the terminal assembly section of the telescopic flue see figure 11.

What is a plume displacement kit?

Plume displacement terminal kit including 1m extension and brackets. Affixes to an existing Baxi horizontal flue terminal to allow exhaust plume gasses to escape in a different location, to avoid windows, vents or structures. For use with the current Baxi boiler range.

When can a plume kit be used?

1 states: “Plume management kits shall only be used when provided or specified by the appliance manufacturer. They shall be installed such that the resulting chimney outlet is in accordance with Table C. 2 and Figure C. 8.

What is the maximum length for a Worcester boiler flue?

Add the following to length (L) to check the maximum flue length is not exceeded: 2000mm for each extra 90° bend. 1000mm for each extra 45° bend.

Can a plume kit go through a roof?

Plume Management kits used in carports The exhaust terminal can also be routed through the roof of the carport providing 25mm clearance is provided around the flue pipe to any flammable material and that it extends at least 300mm above the roof.

Can you paint a Worcester flue?

Flue systems must not be modified in any way other than as described in the fitting instructions. Painting of the plume management kit is not permitted.

Can I extend my boiler flue?

Boiler flue extensions are used to extend a boiler’s flue outlet system, effectively an additional flue length of either horizontal or vertical orientation. Flue extensions are brand specific and must be the same brand as the manufacturer of the flue piping system that is being extended.

Do you need a flue with a combi boiler?

Like other boilers, Combi boiler also need a flue to pass its steam, carbon-dioxide and carbon monoxide. The flue is connected to the main system of boiler and goes outside of the house through the roof or wall.

How to install Worcester flue plume management kit?

Contact the installer. Not familiar with Worcester flue some need dismantling to fit a plume kit. Either way needs doing by someone qualified and testing afterwards. Can you direct me to where this is stated?

How big is the plume on a Worcester Boiler?

Pluming can be a real problem in some installations, so rather than having to re-site the boiler the Worcester plume management kit directs the plume to an acceptable exit point away from doors, windows and neighbours. The Condensfit II inner tube is 60mm diameter, with pluming exiting through the outer 100mm tube.

How big of extension do I need for Worcester plume?

Discussion in ‘ Plumbing and Central Heating ‘ started by singled5678, 24 Dec 2017 . Does anyone have any dealings with fitting? I’m going to have to use a 1 meter extension with the original kit.

How is the height of a plume measured?

6. Using a Plume Management Kit, the air intake measurement can be reduced to 150mm providing the flue exhaust outlet has 300mm clearance. Plume kits running horizontally must have 10° fall back to the boiler for proper disposal of condensate.For details on specific lengths see relevant boiler Technical & Specification information.