What does I am able mean?

What does I am able mean?

I am able means​ I can do something. It is not used alone at all. An example of how it is used would be: I am able to do many things at once.

Do I able or am I able?

In general you should use the tense that conveys the correct meaning. If you want to say you are able to do something, you say that. If you want to say you have been able to do something, you say that.

What’s the difference between available and able?

As adjectives the difference between able and available is that able is (obsolete|passive) easy to use while available is such as one may avail one’s self of; capable of being used for the accomplishment of a purpose.

Has been able or was able?

Was is first person (or third person) past tense. Have been is in the present perfect tense. Use it when you want to say that someone or something started an action in the past and finished it in the time being spoken of: I have been able to visit them regularly.

How do you use am able to?

If we say “I am able to swim”, it is like saying “I can swim”. We sometimes use be able to instead of “can” or “could” for ability. Be able to is possible in all tenses – but “can” is possible only in the present and “could” is possible only in the past for ability.

What type of word is able?

able is an adjective that usually comes after some form of be, ably is an adverb, ability is a noun:John is able to run fast. He did the work ably and efficiently.

What can I say instead of I was able to?

What is another word for was able to?

canned was capable of
were capable of was equal to
were equal to was up to
were up to is within one’s area
are within one’s area was within one’s control

Can and could sentences?

Can Could 👍 with Many Examples ✅

PAST ABILITY He could run very fast when he was a child.
PAST REPEATED ACTIONS I could run marathons when I was younger.
PAST SINGLE ACTION, STATIVE VERB She could feel the wind on her face.

What is the meaning of amiable *?

1a : friendly, sociable, and congenial an amiable host amiable neighbors. b : generally agreeable an amiable comedy. 2 archaic : pleasing, admirable.

Does available and accessible mean the same thing?

accessible 1 (of a place) able to be reached or entered. 1.1 Able to be easily obtained or used. available 1 Able to be used or obtained; at someone’s disposal.

Are able to meaning?

If you are able to do something, you have enough freedom, power, time, or money to do it. You’ll be able to read in peace.

Can we use can and able together?

This may be common in Indian English. However, it’s certainly not accepted as Standard English because, as you say, can and be able to have the same meaning. Because able to isn’t a verb but part of an adjectival phrase, it requires a verb; but as it’s adjectival that verb is be, not can.