What does it mean to ill use something?

What does it mean to ill use something?

transitive verb. : to use badly : maltreat, abuse.

What is meaning of ill fate?

1 : having or destined to a hapless fate : unfortunate an ill-fated expedition. 2 : that causes or marks the beginning of misfortune.

What is displeasing mean?

1 : to incur the disapproval or dislike of especially by annoying their gossip displeases her. 2 : to be offensive to abstract art displeases him. intransitive verb.

What does it mean when something favors something?

: to prefer (someone) especially in an unfair way : to show that you like or approve of (someone) more than others. : to approve of or support (something) : to regard (someone or something) as most likely to succeed or win.

What type of word is ill?

adjective, worse, worst;ill·er, ill·est for 7. of unsound physical or mental health; unwell; sick: She felt ill, so her teacher sent her to the nurse. objectionable; unsatisfactory; poor; faulty: ill manners. hostile; unkindly: ill feeling.

What does ill treatment mean?

: to treat cruelly or improperly : maltreat.

What is an ill-fated relationship?

If you describe something as ill-fated, you mean that it ended or will end in an unsuccessful or unfortunate way.

What does irk stand for?

The verb irk means “annoy,” so if the incessant barking of your next door neighbor’s pug is driving you crazy, you can say that the noise irks you. Being irked is an individual thing — what drives you crazy might be something your friend doesn’t even notice.

What does Disappointing mean?

adjective. Something that is disappointing is not as good or as large as you hoped it would be. The wine was excellent, but the food was disappointing. The recession is largely blamed for the disappointing response to the appeal. Synonyms: unsatisfactory, inadequate, discouraging, sorry More Synonyms of disappointing.

What is God’s Favour?

Favour means God stepping into one’s situation to make a worthwhile difference. Favour is the highway to connect your destiny. In Genesis 6:8, the Bible says: “But Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord.” When you are connected to favour, you are connected to good and grace.

What is meant by God’s favor?

Contrite- What does this mean? Feeling or expressing remorse. God shows us favor when we express remorse over our sin. When guilt consumes us to the point of conviction. When we confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and believe in our heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved, (Romans 10:9).

Does ill mean angry?

1 : with displeasure or anger The remark was ill received. 2 : in a harsh or unkind way The animals were ill treated.