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What does the police code KMA mean?

What does the police code KMA mean?

In the LAPD radio code KMA means “end of transmission*. – StoneyB. It is short for “Keep me advised”

What is KMA medical?

Established in 1851, the Kentucky Medical Association is a professional organization for physicians throughout the Commonwealth. From solo practitioners to academicians to large, multi-specialty groups, KMA is the ONLY state association representing every specialty and type of medical practice in Kentucky. …

What does KMT mean in text?

Kiss My Teeth
The abbreviation KMT is typically used with the meaning “Kiss My Teeth” to express emotions such as disdain, disgust, anger or annoyance, either genuine or feigned.

What does KMD stand for?


Acronym Definition
KMD Kill Me Dead
KMD Key Management Device
KMD Key Messaging Document (marketing)
KMD Kazaa Movie Database

What does KMA 628 mean?

These frames are similar to the highly sought after CHP 11-99 frames, except KMA-628 is station identifier for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Sheriff’s Relief Foundation.

What does KMA 367 mean?

What does KMA-367 mean anyway? KMA-367 was the official Federal Communications Commission (FCC) call sign for Los Angeles Police Department radio transmitters from 1948 through the 1980s. Those driving around with these license plate holders are associated with the LAPD.

What is the full form of KMS?


Definition : Key Management Service
Category : Computing » Software & Applications
Country/ Region : Worldwide
Popularity :

What does kiss my teeth mean?

There is the short, sharp kiss from the front teeth on either side. Usually this denotes minor irritation or mild disapproval. It may be deployed with a shake of the head and perhaps the glimmer of a smile, recognising the absurdity of what has transpired.

What is the full form of KMT?

KMT Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Kinetic Molecular Theory Chemistry KMT
Kiss My Teeth Messaging KMT
Kilo Metric Ton Measurement Unit KMT
Kampot Airport Code KMT

What is KMD coin?

Komodo is a hard fork from Zcash. ZCash is a privacy-oriented fork of Bitcoin. This means that Komodo’s roots stem from Satoshi Nakamoto’s pioneering work and the Bitcoin protocol. It inherits the technology from both Bitcoin and Zcash.

What KMA 438?

San Francisco Police Department Radio Call Sign KMA-438 Metal License – abrotherhood.

What does KMA mean slang?

So now you know – KMA means “Kiss My Ass” – don’t thank us. What does KMA mean? KMA is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the KMA definition is given.

What does KMA mean?

Keitt Media Agency or KMA is a Boutique Consultant firm which provides concierge services.

What does KMA mean police?

KMA stands for I’m Finished Transmitting (Los Angeles Police radio code) Suggest new definition. This definition appears somewhat frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Military and Government. Organizations, NGOs, schools, universities, etc.