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What happened at Curie High School?

What happened at Curie High School?

CHICAGO (CBS) — Four freshman students suffered an overdose at Curie High School, according to the Chicago Fire Department. Chicago Police said the students, all females, 14 or 15 years old, ate something with “a suspected cannabis-infused product” that made them sick. One student was picked up by a parent.

What is Curie High School known for?

Curie High School, known for post-secondary success, has top CPS programs in IB, AVID, CTE, & Fine Arts. 2017 US News Silver Medal & Be.

When was Curie High School in Chicago built?

January 1999
Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School/Founded

Does Curie have a dress code?

MCHS Dress Code Policy: Students may wear a shirt supporting one of our clubs/organizations. In addition, students may also wear a college or university shirt. Students interested in purchasing a school spirit shirt may inquire within the main office.

How many students are in Curie High School?

Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School/Number of students

What network is Curie High School?

Curie Metro High School is accessible via the Chicago L’s nearby Pulaski Orange Line station.

Is Curie a magnet school?

Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School is a public 4–year magnet high school located in the Archer Heights neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois, United States.

What school district is Morgan Park High School?

Chicago Public Schools district
Morgan Park High School is a 4–year public high school and middle school located in the Morgan Park neighborhood on the far south side of Chicago, Illinois, United States. Opened in 1916, Morgan Park is a part of the Chicago Public Schools district….

Morgan Park High School

How big is Curie High School?

School Overview Curie Metropolitan High School’s student population of 2,918 students has stayed relatively flat over five school years.

What year was Curie High School built?

What is the racial makeup of Morgan Park High School?

Compare Details Racial makeup is: African American (97.4%), Hispanic (1.5%), two or more races (0.6%). (See more…)

How many students attend Morgan Park High School?

Morgan Park High School
Gender Coed
Enrollment 1,071 (2020–2021)
Campus type Urban
Color(s) Forest Green White